Friday, May 25, 2007

Where quiet could not endure . . .

Walking to gather in joy, betimes I sink to knees,
weeping, holding her 'round the waist, in deep joy
sought after in her greatest hope
of knowing that which does not appear,
whereunto few hearts seek of Him.

. . . she sat in hope, appearing unto desire,
appealing unto one for a sharing,
who knows how few aspire to ever know.

Not declining, he salutes her heart,
asking for prayer for each unto Him only,
Who knows hearts, who seek His joy and gladness.

Hoping against hope, I still wait and hope,
for just one heart to share that which
cannot be shared, in this world of violence.

I call quietly, heart unto heart, listening,
hoping for countenance of understanding,
and eyes seeing light unspeakable,
shared in din of silence, where quiet could not endure . . .

                  --for Ann (of Walnut)
   --Thanksgiving 2005, 6:50 pm

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