Friday, May 25, 2007

Far on . . .

Desperate after the perfect glimpse+
for more, I knew what I was up against.
So I dug deep in like never before.

Flesh behind, I used tools already developed,+
sharpening them in another battle, one
I knew was coming sooner, not later.

I'd been pushing through all envelopes.+
Looking back, they thought they had me,
knowing I'd not been up against such before.

But I had a decades-long practiced edge
against their deep, sharp angst and hate.
They had no purchase, not knowing.

They knew where to aim, but privily I took
their blows aside, dealing with them at leisure,
carving up their attacks quietly.

No one else there, but I wasn't alone.
I left them behind, battling emptiness.
Close engagement over, I moved far on . . .


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  1. yes .. i was less practised, better now but still ... sometimes ... and it's sad, isn't it?


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