Friday, May 25, 2007

A rabbit hole deeper

"Lucy in the sky with diamonds,"+
Yellow submarine, blue meanies,+
Obleo and his little dog Point,+
then back to Alice in Wonderland+
sitting in her restaurant, smiling . . .

. . . like the chesire cat, one tooth glinting,
both palms out, a blue pill and a red.+
Found how deep the rabbit hole went,
but it didn't go to wonderland.
Found a melancholy man behind four doors.+

First tamed an undisciplined, scattered mind,
then took the "blue pill"+ to wonders far
beyond the world, the universe and all in it.+
Stayed a few lifetimes, with reluctant return
to the same I'd left behind, not one step ahead.

Reaching out, next to none respond, still
not fully understanding even "wonderland."
Fantasy never what I wanted, only the Mystery itself.
Now I struggle against mankind's straight jacket
trying to reach the few who are left . . .


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