Tuesday, September 30, 2014

No turning back…

     [Inspired by the musical mood of Robert Plant’s Big Log video.+]

…not once you’ve turned within…,
the greatest journey you’ll ever take,
but the car won’t start without commitment.

Take your time, but hurry, time’s running out,
entropy’s running languidly below idle, nearing end.
Pick it up, or be lost, for its deadline now hangs close.

(At the bottom of the pool, refusing to look up,
twenty minutes, no one noticed, I made sure,
only one lone bubble making its way to air.)

How committed I was no one knew I was on my way,
in certainty, with no turning back from within,
neither then nor ever, not a thought taken of it.

Drawn out sadness now only a ploy of mourning,
mourning of this utterly lost world, so dead,
“living,” deep in perception’s wasteland.

I moved into light far greater than “light,”
no sense of dread, sadness quickly fading,
dissolving tail lights on a freeway, no hurry,

though in thrall, earnest to hasten my destination,
far, far deeper/higher than I first knew to hope for,
but I knew it would be the greatest reality I’d sought,

wonderfully, terribly far beyond this dark place…,
this dank place I knew I had to escape, knowing,
knowing the only path beyond was deep, deep within…

No one, when I was eleven, could tell me, or even knew,
but I absolutely knew here was not all there was.
So I moved beyond the world, never to return…, finally,

finally finding the freedom of knowing, in absolute certainty,
(that perception would have only ever tragically detained)
even unto the Mystery of all things, entering its utter brilliance…

…perception’s seductive pinwheel left far, so very far behind…

--RK, 9:41pmEDST, 9/30/2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

Message in a bottle…

This is how it all happened. - (1 hour, 30 minutes)
     Watch the video for proof that gravity not only bends light,
        but also propagates it & therefore must be instantaneous.

This confirms Isaac Newton’s contention that gravity is independent of space/time.+

--RK, 10:37pmEDST, 9/29/2014

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A true seeker…

The Isaac Newton perhaps you hadn’t heard about…+

--RK, 8:55pmEDST, 9/28/2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The bill’s waiting…

     “Give me a minute…”

Ahh…, true musical poetry… - No, I don’t mind at all… - *wan sigh*
This time it’s the undertaker’s turn but… - Give me a minute…+

--RK, 9:22pmEDST, 9/27/2014 (appearance edit: 10/27/2014)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Two sides to the coin…

     Go within, or go without…

…yes, this coin, the one I’ve had a very long time now.
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
And so it is, but I don’t know why, on one side,
but on the other…, I know exactly why, and always have.

I’ve found there’s nothing I can do, because they don’t know.
They don’t know they’re blind, blind to all that’s within,
as insects stuck in the amber of perception, unknowing,
and not wanting to know. - That’s the tragedy, the foil,

entertainment’s foil they fall on with no sparring partner,
their deaths without meaning, neither gathered nor cared for…
I’m no opportunist. - It never entered my mind, not even once.
I’m here to help, but only a few can be. - I call them… seekers.

--RK, 9:27pmEDST, 9/21/2014
     (…so it will be until time’s end+…)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lost ricochet…

…and you still miss, even on target.
You just don’t get it, in your deep blind.
I’ve passed far beyond the ramparts of the sun,
long, so long ago now, where you cannot follow.

The paranormal, normal to me, always has been.
Familiar to me, this, nothing to lose, fire away…
I won’t miss, my target found way back, and
you'll have farther to fall than I, gone now.

Nothing to lose, fire away, I’m gone, so gone.
Your fear my best weapon, without effort,
I look back briefly only to see you down,
your fall, forever with no recall or memory…

So fire away, I am so long gone, you…
…you shooting in the dark, no target found.

--RK, 11:15pm, 9/20/2014
     (…all too familiar here+…)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

What I do…

…I feel deeply, or it’s not done, abandoned.
There’s no time to waste, not now, not this late,
way too late to hate, to envy, have jealousy
or feel alone, not for any reasonable mind.

Are you reasonable, or does emotion rule
where it has no place to step forward,
against you, opposing you, to detriment?
Let it go, step back and bring balance,

balance from within, plumbed from your own depths,
depths you have yet to explore, emotion freed.
Yes, let it go, but watch and balance, set aside,
set aside in isolation of understanding, inclusive,

inclusive of all things, from deep within, untouched,
untouched of the world, far beyond its ken with death,
death its only “friend” hanging close by…, hungry,
hating everything I do, its destruction ever at hand.

So I move on, nothing to lose of its abandonment.
Nearer than ever, time’s end approaches quickly,
so long hoped for, awaited in close, deep silence,
listening for its last thrall…, with eternity,

eternity beyond the beyond, so very, very near… now…

--RK, 1:19amEDST, 9/6/2014