Thursday, November 26, 2015

Flip & Burn

     No, this is not a drill. - Time to flip & burn! - Nine thrusters…

There’s no time left to take your time. - No fencers!+
If you don’t flip & burn now, you won’t make it.
That’s right, hunker down to get deep…, or on high
won’t find you before time runs out…, soon & sudden.+

I had an early start, just eleven…, and you’re late!
Oh, I see, you think this is just another post of mine.
No, I’m sorry, this is real time and live. — Get it done,
or be left behind for oblivion just the other side.

If you’re not runnin’ over light speed before, it’s over.
I’ve been a seeker all my life. - I never found reason
not to be. - But you’ve been a slacker a long time. —
Oh, this is your last call. - There won’t be another. - •selah•

--RK, 9:45pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 11/26/2015
     I heard the unmistakable call late 1964…, just eleven.
        If you think the physical / soul is all there is,
           you couldn’t be more wrong…, I know.+

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

You need to cry…

     …for something you never have before. — Listen with me a while.

In the linked video above, by Amy Lee of Evanescence (My Immortal),
she speaks to her man but sings to Someone else. — He understands.
I hope you do, too. - Deeply poignant, her song speaks of the ineffable.
Such deep meaning…, revealed only by her keen, unabashed emotion,

speaks great volumes of understanding nothing else can. - •selah•

--RK, 9:27pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 11/25/2015
     Don’t miss what she means…, listen keenly close.+

Monday, November 23, 2015

Clarity beyond focus

     Clarity, misunderstood in this world, far beyond simple focus.

As I pierce Stygian+ darkness in this backwater,
I wonder whether I’ll find another seeker of truth,
one whose spirit is free, unencumbered from youth,
as I was. - I seek not ‘kindred spirits’, but those

who innately knew perception only as illusion, young.
These are the ones I can help, but who had no nurture,
the nurture I was so bountifully blessed with. - So…,
“Where are you?” - Yet, I have found none as myself.

Weary in such loss, I’ve always had clarity…, perfect,
way beyond being in simple focus…, much greater.
Clarity far beyond focus in perception so keen as
to render “reality” only a blur, deeply sad, so dark,

…even in otherwise perceived “light,” …so dimly lit. - •selah•

--RK, 10:26pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 11/23/2015
     I see languish, disguised in deep sadness…, still hopeful,
     but there’s far more, way beyond your hope ye know not of.

From far beyond the Moon

     “Where are you?” - Relentlessly, I seek you in the darkness.
       They see, but nothing from within, unknown to them…, alone.
       I see what this world cannot, their darkness, and great light.

Brilliance in the dark, I shine…, but I’m never seen.
Bewildered, I kept trying, but still none saw…, blind.
Brightness in the dark…, I stood back, wondering…,
wondering what caused their blindness…, so profound.

Sullen…, I learned unwillingly, what did.
But I knew I was brought here with purpose.
So I continue for the few…, others so lost,
lost behind relentless bars in darkness, bound,

no windows, free only physically otherwise.
Knowing nothing of truth, and nothing within,
they flounder in the dark, knowing “everything.”
I wish I could help them, but there are others…,

…others who received the love for the truth,
nothing less, who can see in this darkness,
…who can see in Stygian+ darkness, not so blind.
They are why & for whom I am here…, freedom.

They know me when they see me, all others blind.
Others blind I see…, who cannot & never will.
I tried & tried, but only found them unseeing.
So I moved on, seeking only those who can see.

Only they will see…, for they know to look.
And all they seek is the truth in all things,
but only from deep within beyond this world
which will never reveal anything, even of itself.

I’ve seen the frightening desolation of their profound night.
It was something I had to know of in my passing far beyond.
Only then did I understand the utter brilliance I found,
so, so deep and high within…, far beyond the universe.

Come with me, I will free you from all such darkness
unto brilliance of light otherwise unseen…, not here,
your release perfect, nothing unknowable as before.
Nothing withheld from you…, not there. - •selah•

--RK, 11:47pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 11/22/2015
     In brilliance, darkness is known, easily banished.
     So…, from far beyond the moon…, I wait.
     And “[w]here are you?”+

Friday, November 20, 2015

You said, “Get a life!”

     Ohh…, but I did. - •nodding• - I guess you didn’t notice…, sorry.

So what exactly did you mean? --- Don’t worry, that’s a rhetorical question.
By now you know I've had your number for a very long time, most of my life.
It’s you who needs to get a life, but I know you never will. - It’s your way.

You don’t understand me. - You don’t want to, for sake of deceit, and guile.
Yeah, that’s right. - Again, I’ve had your number for quite some time.
Already you choke against my words that nail you where you “stand.”

You’re gonna’ have to give it up…, ’cause it ain’t workin’.
And it never will, never could and doesn’t now…, sorry.
That’s right…, sorry, I always knew it couldn’t & never would.

So, stand up straight like a “good little boy,” and take your medicine.
Swallow hard and drink it down. --- You’ll never be the same,
because your “medicine”+ is oblivion…, truth never to your taste.

I tried to help before, but you simply wouldn’t have it.
All your doing…, none other’s…, just as you insisted.
Nothing I can do now… - You cooked the goose. - •selah•

--RK, 10:25pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 11/20/2015
     It won’t help, but grab an umbrella on your way out.+
     And so it goes with trolls, haters & their ilk (among many others).

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

“Give me somethin’ more…”

     “Give me somethin’ more than sad my eyes.”

Languish all I see in bright lights…, anguished, so few.
You need to, “Give me somethin’ more than ‘sacrifice’.”
Just between you and me, you’ve crossed the line,
but it wasn’t toward within, deep…, or ever even high.

“Give me somethin’ more than shut my eyes,” …not tonight.
Face who you’ve become, who you’ve been…, never changed.
Change, the only thing between you and oblivion…, ignored.
“Give me somethin’ more than shut my eyes.” - I’m not blind.

“Give me somethin’ more than sacrifice…” - •selah•

--RK, 11:14pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 11/18/2015
     “Give me something worth a sacrifice.”+

Monday, November 16, 2015

Only fond memories left

     “Lookin’ for higher ground, lookin’ for somethin’ I missed before.”
     “I wanna’ get closer in to deep…, I’ve got it all inside myself.”
       For those who don’t see it coming…+

Only memories left now, fondest ones, forgot the rest.
Standing on Pensacola Beach, sea breeze at my back,
tossing peanuts up to a small flock of seagulls.
Spied the loser, tossed him a few, the most grateful.

Younger on the darkside, found myself in a maelstrom,
Toledo, Ohio, summer 1971, but you couldn’t see it.
In a “tin can” eight feet wide, rotating clockwise fast,
I used prana to cut a stationary hole & backed out.

They couldn’t figure it out, “Where’d he go?”
It wasn’t my first victory, shades of them
before, but ya’ gotta’ be smarter, not lost
in the dark, great light within…, guiding.

Wan sadness surrounds me now, hoping there’ll
be more I can help sent my way, or me to them.
They didn’t get the perfect natal nurture I did.
They need help badly, but it’s late…, way late.

I just hope I’ve done them some good, because
time is waning fast, not much left ‘this’ time.
I hope to see some of them on the other side…,
the other side, these æons of time nearly gone.+

But you’re “comfortable,” complacent, surfeiting.+
Get up…, move! - The impenetrable wall of time’s
end is almost here,+ only oblivion beyond, or…
is that your old ‘friend’ you’ve hoped for?

Your long death wish isn’t far away now,
but it won’t be death, rather destruction.+
What did you think oblivion meant anyway?
It’ll be as though you never existed,

…and there’ll be no memory left of you.+ - •Word up!•

--RK, 7:47pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 11/16/2015 (Slight edits: 11/18/2015)
     Only my own memories left…, “Nobody can turn it around.”+

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Orwell’s Bonnie & Clyde

     Let’s get it right this time, eh? - Live beyond it instead.

How about George Orwell, Bonnie & Clyde and time as currency?
That’s right, George Orwell, Bonnie & Clyde with time as currency.
What would you do? - I’m on the sidelines, beyond time, but you?
Would you keep the “status quo” the insanely rich do…, uncaring?

I don’t think so, but I have to ask you the question. - Would you?
I know I wouldn’t, and I knew this from the very start…, no doubts.+
This Bonnie & Clyde aren’t killed in a hail of gunfire though.
Instead they go on to rob Time’s Fort Knox. - •Oh yeah!

--RK, 8:55pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 11/15/2015
     I’m rich because I am beyond time entirely. - •selah•+
     So, Who started our clock & Who will end it?+ - Good question, eh? - •nods•

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

One problem

     A very long way and a long time from home…, I watch.

You only have one problem that spoils all your plans and false hope.
I wasn’t brought here for nothing. - Merit was deemed, qualifications met.
Deeply, I suspected the probability, but I couldn’t see its long horizon.
I knew it would happen soon, and when the day finally came, I was ready.

My wife gathered my coffee cup. - I remember seeing her right ankle
as she stepped up into the kitchen,+ but I can’t remember her face.
At my old desk I laid my head down on arms folded, last soft breaths.
I remember moving upward from my body knowing all was left behind.

One of my most clear memories, perfectly familiar, unmistakable…,
but there was another, my incredibly glorious sky, a starry nebula.
Close, it almost filled the sky at night, always the same, little changed.
I’d studied it since a child, eagerly memorizing each detail’s detail,

many stars, wisps between, all mine. - Perfectly familiar, it came back
to me here on this sad, forsaken, end-time planet when I was fourteen.
Emerging in clarity from deep sleep I found my dreamself in the yard
where I grew up. - My house faced north and I looked up, northeast.

Halfway to zenith the sky was magnified by an invisible lens more
and more until I realized I was actually moving in that direction.
That’s the night I remembered…, when melancholy took me aside.
Thirty years…, I finally moved beyond, leaving its longing behind.

I’d spent a lifetime educating my local community, no fences.
My study, twelve-foot ceiling, desks all around, comfortable,
serene. - There were no schoolhouses. - I was the university.
Books shelved ten-feet high on every wall & on open cubicles.

There were no wars, just struggles with small+ industry.
A very deep pit of junk next to one factory I explored young.
It was disappointing, but I remembered the sky I’d always
see when sunset came, with it glowing brighter and brighter,

more & more glorious until twighlight’s end. - In daylight
you could clearly see its brilliant promise of deep night glory.
My mind walked that sky more than my feet walked the planet.
No wonder I spent thirty years in melancholy, longing deep,

longing for home. - I knew I had to get over it sometime.
The day finally came and I was fully free to do my job here,
yes…, here on this lost piece of driftwood in the galaxy’s
dark back corner prepared for the epicenter of time’s end.

Others, true seekers…, one here, there…, know me when they see me.
As for you, there’s only one problem…, I’m also here watching. - •selah•

--RK, 11:52pmEST (GMT -5), 11/9/2015
     Or is it your solution, if you listen…, and go within?+

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Near Earth Asteroids

Click for One-Column Format or Three-Column Format.

--RK, 9:30pmEST, 11/8/2015 - See Also: The Whole Cloud of Asteroids around us!
     Two New Formats! - Check it out & see just how close they buzz by us, eh?+

Saturday, November 7, 2015


     My efforts are to put words to the otherwise ineffable,
        to show you the way deep within…, nowhere else.

Why am I opaque to you? - Wildered+ I’m not. - I deal only in the profound.
Emotionless, impassive and dispassionate of lies, I seek only after truth.
To you I seem vacant, unexpressive, but there’s a fountain of revelation
you miss all too easily, thinking I am decidedly dark…, but not so.

Rather I am sibylline.+ - Not one to mince words, I sharpen them keenly.
From elsewhere, I grew up here, a reluctant second home, chaotic, murderous.
Not so unreadable, I’ve posted many words here…, not so unintelligible.
Still you only stand by…, watching, waiting, puzzling…, with no answers.

The answers are all within for me & you. - So you must go within as well.
Otherwise nothing I write will ever make sense and remain unfathomed.
Set your line, drop it deep within. - See its depth, unknown, but somehow
faintly remembered…, familiar. - Let it guide you deeper, nothing else will.

Raise all anchors…, leave the world far behind, for it’ll only drag you back,
back into its “comfortable” murk of guile…, serving only its own darkness.
Commit to the journey or you’ll never leave harbor’s dank & dark port of flesh.
Leave it all behind…, or you’ll never see deep beauty only found from within.

Seeing the deep beauty,+ you’ll finally, fully remember…, never lost again. - •selah•

--RK, 8:46pmEST, 11/7/2015
     Within calls, “Come to me, come to me…”+
        Remember, or fall into oblivion’s deep abyss.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Quantum Human Physics

Quantum Human Physics
You decide who I am when you look at me…, but I know better.

     My being, neither particle nor wave, you cannot know…, now.

I know myself…, imperfectly, but our Creator far better.
Unless you set aside the “personage” of flesh, no way you
can know who I am. - Sooner than you look…, I’m gone.+
Always my way, never to be seen of others+…, within.+

I seek after only our Creator’s eye, none other.
If you would see me…, you must look within.
Finding who you are: the only approach otherwise.
Yes, I’ve gone very deeply within, far beyond the world.

Why’ve you never sought to break its ball & chains?
All you have to do is leave it all behind…, within.
Make up your mind to find who you really are*, but…
never in the context of this world’s deadly guile.

Cleanse your mind/soul of its deceit…, for nothing less,
nothing less than the truth. - Otherwise you’re sidelined.
Don’t make that mistake. - Keen for nothing less than truth.
How else could anyone ever know what is real…, or not?

By now you see I had to ask the questions, the very
ones you’ve never even considered to ask of yourself.
That’s my job here on this backwater planet, in the dark
backwater of this galaxy…, the very place where it has all

come to final focus, yes, here…, in this infinite universe.
I still seek why myself…, but this is the place, no other.
I am not from here…, sent to help, as one of you, kind.
I’ve found none here who needs to be listened to…, sadly.

I’m no messiah, rather an emissary from far away, here to help
all seekers of truth & nothing less…, unto perfect freedom,
only found from deep within. --- The truth is not “out there.”
No worry for who I am “in person,” rather who you are within.

Nothing else matters…, I promise you. - •selah•

--RK, 11:34pmEST, 11/4/2015
     *It’s easier than you think. - •selah•

Let it haunt you until…

     It’s okay, let it haunt you. - It’s all true. - “Your (love is) a lie.”+

Sit down…, it’s all right. - Just watch and listen closely…, keenly.
Don’t confuse romance+ with love. - Desire+ deceives against love.
Finally…, I know she’s right. - I couldn’t turn away from her video,
not a chance. - Something told me to listen…, again, again and again.

     Lacuna Coil+ has it figured out…, no worries. - (Getting) “High won’t tell you!”+

Down from murk of “romance” it all became too clear,
and I couldn’t deny the truth of it any longer…, finally.
An heavy weight was lifted from me…, a very old one,
one which tripped up many from time immemorial, dark.

Finally free I ventured far from dark desire’s+ shore,
romance+, an ancient fleshly fantasy+, want of it gone.
It was the last ball & chain I had to break, no choice left.
“Follow me, follow me, as I trip the ‘darkness’ one more time.”+

My last resort to save our marriage, I appealed to my wife,
“Sex can’t mean anything without genuine affection.”
She decidedly ended it, giving no damn for true relationship.
This showed me the great rift+ I didn’t see before…, then.

The children suffered, but that didn’t concern her.
So, “Don't believe desire..., destiny of a lie+.”+

--RK, 11:29pmEST, 11/3/2015 - (Updated/Video Links Added - 11/14/15)
     Touch me because you care…, because you love me.
     Otherwise it can’t mean anything…, and never will. - •selah•