Tuesday, November 10, 2015

One problem

     A very long way and a long time from home…, I watch.

You only have one problem that spoils all your plans and false hope.
I wasn’t brought here for nothing. - Merit was deemed, qualifications met.
Deeply, I suspected the probability, but I couldn’t see its long horizon.
I knew it would happen soon, and when the day finally came, I was ready.

My wife gathered my coffee cup. - I remember seeing her right ankle
as she stepped up into the kitchen,+ but I can’t remember her face.
At my old desk I laid my head down on arms folded, last soft breaths.
I remember moving upward from my body knowing all was left behind.

One of my most clear memories, perfectly familiar, unmistakable…,
but there was another, my incredibly glorious sky, a starry nebula.
Close, it almost filled the sky at night, always the same, little changed.
I’d studied it since a child, eagerly memorizing each detail’s detail,

many stars, wisps between, all mine. - Perfectly familiar, it came back
to me here on this sad, forsaken, end-time planet when I was fourteen.
Emerging in clarity from deep sleep I found my dreamself in the yard
where I grew up. - My house faced north and I looked up, northeast.

Halfway to zenith the sky was magnified by an invisible lens more
and more until I realized I was actually moving in that direction.
That’s the night I remembered…, when melancholy took me aside.
Thirty years…, I finally moved beyond, leaving its longing behind.

I’d spent a lifetime educating my local community, no fences.
My study, twelve-foot ceiling, desks all around, comfortable,
serene. - There were no schoolhouses. - I was the university.
Books shelved ten-feet high on every wall & on open cubicles.

There were no wars, just struggles with small+ industry.
A very deep pit of junk next to one factory I explored young.
It was disappointing, but I remembered the sky I’d always
see when sunset came, with it glowing brighter and brighter,

more & more glorious until twighlight’s end. - In daylight
you could clearly see its brilliant promise of deep night glory.
My mind walked that sky more than my feet walked the planet.
No wonder I spent thirty years in melancholy, longing deep,

longing for home. - I knew I had to get over it sometime.
The day finally came and I was fully free to do my job here,
yes…, here on this lost piece of driftwood in the galaxy’s
dark back corner prepared for the epicenter of time’s end.

Others, true seekers…, one here, there…, know me when they see me.
As for you, there’s only one problem…, I’m also here watching. - •selah•

--RK, 11:52pmEST (GMT -5), 11/9/2015
     Or is it your solution, if you listen…, and go within?+

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