Saturday, November 7, 2015


     My efforts are to put words to the otherwise ineffable,
        to show you the way deep within…, nowhere else.

Why am I opaque to you? - Wildered+ I’m not. - I deal only in the profound.
Emotionless, impassive and dispassionate of lies, I seek only after truth.
To you I seem vacant, unexpressive, but there’s a fountain of revelation
you miss all too easily, thinking I am decidedly dark…, but not so.

Rather I am sibylline.+ - Not one to mince words, I sharpen them keenly.
From elsewhere, I grew up here, a reluctant second home, chaotic, murderous.
Not so unreadable, I’ve posted many words here…, not so unintelligible.
Still you only stand by…, watching, waiting, puzzling…, with no answers.

The answers are all within for me & you. - So you must go within as well.
Otherwise nothing I write will ever make sense and remain unfathomed.
Set your line, drop it deep within. - See its depth, unknown, but somehow
faintly remembered…, familiar. - Let it guide you deeper, nothing else will.

Raise all anchors…, leave the world far behind, for it’ll only drag you back,
back into its “comfortable” murk of guile…, serving only its own darkness.
Commit to the journey or you’ll never leave harbor’s dank & dark port of flesh.
Leave it all behind…, or you’ll never see deep beauty only found from within.

Seeing the deep beauty,+ you’ll finally, fully remember…, never lost again. - •selah•

--RK, 8:46pmEST, 11/7/2015
     Within calls, “Come to me, come to me…”+
        Remember, or fall into oblivion’s deep abyss.

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