Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Quantum Human Physics

Quantum Human Physics
You decide who I am when you look at me…, but I know better.

     My being, neither particle nor wave, you cannot know…, now.

I know myself…, imperfectly, but our Creator far better.
Unless you set aside the “personage” of flesh, no way you
can know who I am. - Sooner than you look…, I’m gone.+
Always my way, never to be seen of others+…, within.+

I seek after only our Creator’s eye, none other.
If you would see me…, you must look within.
Finding who you are: the only approach otherwise.
Yes, I’ve gone very deeply within, far beyond the world.

Why’ve you never sought to break its ball & chains?
All you have to do is leave it all behind…, within.
Make up your mind to find who you really are*, but…
never in the context of this world’s deadly guile.

Cleanse your mind/soul of its deceit…, for nothing less,
nothing less than the truth. - Otherwise you’re sidelined.
Don’t make that mistake. - Keen for nothing less than truth.
How else could anyone ever know what is real…, or not?

By now you see I had to ask the questions, the very
ones you’ve never even considered to ask of yourself.
That’s my job here on this backwater planet, in the dark
backwater of this galaxy…, the very place where it has all

come to final focus, yes, here…, in this infinite universe.
I still seek why myself…, but this is the place, no other.
I am not from here…, sent to help, as one of you, kind.
I’ve found none here who needs to be listened to…, sadly.

I’m no messiah, rather an emissary from far away, here to help
all seekers of truth & nothing less…, unto perfect freedom,
only found from deep within. --- The truth is not “out there.”
No worry for who I am “in person,” rather who you are within.

Nothing else matters…, I promise you. - •selah•

--RK, 11:34pmEST, 11/4/2015
     *It’s easier than you think. - •selah•

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