Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Let it haunt you until…

     It’s okay, let it haunt you. - It’s all true. - “Your (love is) a lie.”+

Sit down…, it’s all right. - Just watch and listen closely…, keenly.
Don’t confuse romance+ with love. - Desire+ deceives against love.
Finally…, I know she’s right. - I couldn’t turn away from her video,
not a chance. - Something told me to listen…, again, again and again.

     Lacuna Coil+ has it figured out…, no worries. - (Getting) “High won’t tell you!”+

Down from murk of “romance” it all became too clear,
and I couldn’t deny the truth of it any longer…, finally.
An heavy weight was lifted from me…, a very old one,
one which tripped up many from time immemorial, dark.

Finally free I ventured far from dark desire’s+ shore,
romance+, an ancient fleshly fantasy+, want of it gone.
It was the last ball & chain I had to break, no choice left.
“Follow me, follow me, as I trip the ‘darkness’ one more time.”+

My last resort to save our marriage, I appealed to my wife,
“Sex can’t mean anything without genuine affection.”
She decidedly ended it, giving no damn for true relationship.
This showed me the great rift+ I didn’t see before…, then.

The children suffered, but that didn’t concern her.
So, “Don't believe desire..., destiny of a lie+.”+

--RK, 11:29pmEST, 11/3/2015 - (Updated/Video Links Added - 11/14/15)
     Touch me because you care…, because you love me.
     Otherwise it can’t mean anything…, and never will. - •selah•

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