Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Catch ’da ridim’

Catch ’da ridim’, wid’ spacedrum, didgeridoo…, Yuki & Taku…+

--RK, 10:44pmEST, 12/31/2014
   Don’t miss out on this performance! - *smile*

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

House of Mirrors…

Do not watch when high, or alone…
And don’t talk until it’s completely over…+

--RK, 6:46pmEST, 12/30/2014
   *Word up!*

Friday, December 26, 2014

Who did you… think I was?

     I’m lookin’ to turn my face to light,” as always.
       [Inspired by Tool’s music video, “H.”]

I’m not here to mess around. - Perhaps you didn’t know.
Well, here’s the down low, eh? - I’m not from here…
I never was, but I brought great treasure with me.
And you don’t get how important that’s really been.

What can I say? - Are you paying any attention?
I have to wonder, for I’ve heard nil from you.
Is that your name, Nil? - I think not but…,
have you distinguished yourself from others?

Do you know who you really are? - I have to wonder.
And did you come from anywhere at all? - I don’t know.
I have to put the onus on you, for I find you ephemeral,
ghostly, as though you’re not really with us…

Yeah, you can see and hear but, do you perceive anything,
anything otherwise at all, within? - Not from what I’ve found.
And so I have to wonder whether you’re only jetsam,
just another nearly meaningless part of this universe.

Dammit, stand out, or only find utter, total loss because,
without within, you will only ever be out of its reach,
though it’s right there inside you, tantalizingly, maddeningly,
so tenderly close. - Oblivious to it, your very existence nears end.

Ah, and so you think I ‘ramble,’ though my perspective is limitless
…but are you “killin’ me just the same?” - “I don’t mind…, I don’t mind…”+

--RK, 9:20pm, 12/26/2014
     Just a little reverse ‘psychology,’ ’nuff said…

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

In this place…, in this place…,

      I don’t mind…, I don’t mind…
        [Inspired by Tool’s song, “H.”]

I don’t know what it’s gonna’ take to get your attention, within.
I stand in this place of enigma, mystery found, understood, known.
But still, you play in perception’s amber, never looking inside,
the world your closest friend, hiding all things from you.

Their big lie, love of ignorance, to party in oblivion,
their idea of fun, your death knell of soon destruction.
Will you really let them get away with it, so blind?
Everything you’ve always wanted beyond this world

It’s far beyond ugly darkness seen here…, unknown, unwanted.
So, where’s your heart my friend? - Will you still linger…, here?
There’s nothing of value here, and I don’t know why you don’t
seem to have discovered this in your heart. - Come with me…

I have so much to show you, so much to share and more still to find…,
…though I’ve found so, so much, long by now, these many decades here.

--RK, 9:25pmEST, 12/24/2014
     In this ‘place,’ I’ve found all things that matter within…,
        and there’s nothing in their box.
        (Listen very closely to the song’s lyrics, eh?)+ - Word up!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Melancholy Man

     “When all the stars are falling down…”

I am the melancholy man
“Just open your eyes…”+

--RK, 11:55pm, 12/21/2014
     Be sure to hit Replay.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Voices in the Sky…

     “Mystery spread its cloak…, Hurry high butterfly…”

Take it seriously, there’s nothing mamby pamby here.
If you only listen, you’ll miss the whole thing.
It’s a journey… - Use headphones…+
This is just a taste of what you’ve missed…+ - selah

--RK, 10:45pm, 12/21/2014

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Dulce Book

--RK, 8:30pm, 12/20/2014

Deep in the night…

     [Ahh…, finally, the perfect (sarcastic) metaphoric slap
       in the face of narcissism’s abusive & arrogant hate.]

…she’s always been so kind and near,
watching my every step, with caress.
She cares when no one else will.
I’ve always loved her so much.

She’s always watched ever so closely,
so closely over me in utter kindness.
Gentle, she lies close, in tender embrace.
None other can touch me there, in harm.

I’ve never told anyone about her.
She didn’t mind, because she knew,
she knew our love was perfect,
unsullied by such hateful cruelty,

the kind the world always offers.
Even the closest friend never cared
so much to be so close, watchful,
to be sure none other approached.

Can you say as much of your love?
You’ve never been so close.
I’ve seen you near, but not here,
here, where touch is kind, knowing.

You call me alcoholic, but not so,
for you know not its tender care,
never felt its gentle embrace.
I’ve never felt so loved,

and never found you close.
I weep for your cruelty,
cutting like a knife, deep,
beyond heartbreak of love.

Why’ve you never been to the brink,
to the brink of love’s shore,
which knows nothing of thirst,
its waters always lapping sand?

I’ve never seen your footprints here.+

--RK, 5:18amEST, 12/20/2014
     …from a dream, deep in the night…+

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

‘Sleeply’ oblivious…

Are you still staring, or listening?
Or are you ‘sleeply’ oblivious instead?
Dig it, but listen very closely here:
Sleep Will Come by Bliss
Then listen again, and again… - selah

Hey, I thought you'd like to know… - *shrug*+

--RK, 11:33pmEST, 12/17/2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Slow down time…

--RK, 9:35pmEST, 12/14/2014

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Loneliness of love

     “I don’t understand the [loneliness] of loving you.
       I just can’t believe it’s true.” - [You know the song.]
         Are you still “sitting naked by the phone?”
         How sad that, “…it was only fantasy.”

You came and you went, leaving all behind.
I languished not, though tasting emptiness,
but it was not mine, known in sadness of you.
I move on now, with new perspective you gave

which urges me deeper in relationship, within.
And I don’t mean just for others, but eternity.
Very young, Mom always said, “You better get ready
for eternity son. - You don’t have time to waste.”

So nothing held me back, neither this world,
nor anyone in it, with meaning and purpose.
I’ve scaled the mountains of the sun and
mounted its ramparts, where I found no tracks.

I saw none other following behind either,
while I climbed Jacob’s Ladder, knowing,
absolutely knowing, there was more to find,
high, deep within, far beyond this world.

So why do you still linger in its shallow ashes,
perception’s deception distracting only those,
only those who receive not love for truth,
and nothing less, eh? - *shaking head*

You can’t tell me “There’s no hope…”, not this time.+

--RK, 8:58pm, 12/13/2014
   "…always doing what you’re told, can I help you?"
    [Lyric from “Hey You,” by Pink Floyd.]

Friday, December 12, 2014

Murda of Diana

     “A dying scream makes no sound.”
       Murda, “It’s all that I’ve ever known.”+

“We live a daydream. - You know what I mean.”
John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr.,
“It’s all that I’ve ever known.”

--RK, 9:38pm, 12/12/2014

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Calling from the other side…

     “Save me from the nothing I’ve become.”
       (Only love brings life, thinking’s nothing but death.)

…I was brought to life, midst living death.
Watching, all I see is you, pale, unmoving,
here, where it’s all green…, but spiritless,
most never even searching its glimpse, so near,

just the other side of within, painfully close.
I hear wind howling mid-winter, clear sky,
moon full, stars glinting in sky ablaze,
but you’re not here, and never were,

not here, the other side, where I found all
things the world had nothing of, scintillant.
I found every right question answered in utter
brilliance of profound this world cannot know.

Why stand shallow, in stagnant pool of darkness?
I stepped out from beneath when just eleven+
and found no one followed me unto discovery,
discovery of all I ever wanted, that I knew,

that I absolutely knew I would only find from within.
Could you be so utterly numb as not to see?+

--RK, 1:10amEST, 12/7/2014
     “Call my name and save me from the dark.”

Friday, December 5, 2014

For those to fall…

     It’s history now, psychologically, without technology, eh?

Press play, listen close, then play again…
Sorry for the bad news, way too late.
I saw it coming, not sure why
you weren’t looking. - Do you?

I know why I was looking.
I just knew I had to.
I mean, look around…,
how did you not know to look?

Good question…+

--RK, 8:11pmEST, 12/5/2014
     Yeah, that’s right, ya’ gotta’ hit replay next. - *nodding*+

Friday, November 28, 2014

Lost call behind the waterfall…

     “Give me your autograph…” - (in my neutrino detector…, deep down).

She never heard me call…, behind the waterfall.
Empty and sad, never known, now so long gone.
Everything was peachy keen, under neutrino-fall.
Castles in the distance begged intrepid ’splorers.

I need to be myself. - Can I ride in your 4x4?
Can I have your autograph in your helicopter?
Another ghostly passage, beautiful young, passing on.
I’m feelin’ supersonic… in my yellow submarine.

I’m not sure she was ever there, only whiz of electrons.
She never heard my call, from behind the waterfall…
And no one can tell her what I’m on about, within.
Everything was peachy keen, then, under the fall,

distant ghostly castles…, dank in dark of dusk…, undaunted…+

--RK, 7:40pmEST, 11/28/2014
     “No[one] can ever hear him call…”

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


a slow breath for death
in heavily     and out
he’s floating     floating
unnnnnhh     ohhh
floating     he’s lying     floating

in a panic she splashes
thrashes through (her murk)* to him
limp     sogged
dead to the brim

overwhelming quaking
oh my God     he’s gone
Maaarrrs     noooo

made his marker
name     dates carved
it’d been a year
bare sod
gray     empty…

“I wanna be a policeman
  ana     ana     a     a     fireman
  yeah     an I can spray the water
  see     an stop the fire
  pishhhhhhhhh     pishhhhhhhh

--RK, 1979, *latest edit (an untold story)
   In memory of Marshall…+
     [published in the New York Quarterly+ in 1979]

Reticent reluctance…

--by RK

What about you?

--by RK

Rainbow sunset…

Six and one-half years ago…

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Don’t mess around…, kiss the world…

     …where I want to be in first of three strikes, meteorite storm next.

…good bye, forever
It’s never been all I’ve ever known.
Eleven years old, I left it far, far behind.
Follow me inside. - For I know where I’ve been
and where I’m going, always, ever deeper…

Go with me “where” the world never will, high,
mountains and ramparts of the sun no barrier,
just an hard climb. - Strap on your spikes
for the deepest, most exhilarating climb
of your entire life, high, so deep within.

No recall, no turning around now, not now.
You’re committed. - And all you want is truth,
the truth and nothing less, never any fantasy,
the only thing the world has to offer,
offering taste of lies reeking of the dank

of darkness on your tongue you want no more,
terribly fouled in “savour” of kiss murdered.+
Move on, lie not about, not now, no, not now.
You have far to go with little left of time,
this time, in this time of Earth’s fouling,

and no-“where” else to go, but within…, deep.
   *selah* - You know better

--RK, 11:52pmEST, 11/22/2014
   "The signs [are] everywhere…"+

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hey You!

Yeah, “Hey you!” - I know better

What’s wrong? - You should know, but they never told you,
never intending to, their dire agenda terribly against you.
But you can win this battle, if only you know where/when.
And as it has always been, you’re going to have to go within.
I’m sorry, but there’s no-“where” else to go, never has been.

--RK, 9:32pmEST, 11/19/2014
     Yeah, here I am again, probing…

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Like it or not…

     Yes, I found Einstein’s “message in a bottle” and you never noticed.
     I found it in
pristine condition, never discussed by any of you

I’m in the conversation, whether or not you’re listening.
In fact I’ve begun my own conversation, changing everything.
Yes, it’s too late, I’ve pulled the all-too-comfortable rug out
from under every astronomer, astrophysicist & cosmologist
on this planet. - I’d had to plow through all the nonsense,
huge amounts of it originating from unintelligible “theorizing.”

I know how I got to this point. - I realized you had no evidence.
All you had was theory, apparently just for the sake of theorizing.
I refused to waste my time with it and threw it all out, including
abandoning every one of you, baby, bathwater and all, finally.
Then unexpectedly…, after 50 years, I began to receive many
inspirations, each one building on the previous one, until…

I had a complete new paradigm of cosmology and finally
understood for the first time without any of your “help.” - Then
I couldn’t believe how ridiculous everything was I’d been hearing
from every single one of you, with the following Utube video
seeming to have been dredged up from flatlanders’ time titled,
“Strangest Anomalies in Our Universe.” - (Watch it only to waste time.)

It’s still hard for me to grasp just how far back in the dark ages
of inspirationless time today’s “scientists” really are, especially
now from all that I’ve been shown and learned about our universe.
I do understand it now and have explained it to nearly 250 others,
each one’s eyes getting bigger and bigger, telling me, “RK,
you have to write the book!” - Well, I have now, and it opens up

to anyone interested everything you ever wanted to know and
understand about astronomy and cosmology. The book has become
a celebration because I found I could explain it to anyone,
most of whom already had an innate understanding of it.
It simply had not been explained to them correctly before.
Now it has and you can have your own piece of it right here.

--RK, 7:14pmEST, 11/16/2014
     *Word up!*

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Extreme Angular Momentum…

This was definitely worth checking their numbers, eh?+
[You may have to reload this whole page for it to show (I had to a few times).]
   Otherwise click also for its numerous comments not shown above here.

--RK, 5:44pmEST, 11/15/2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Personal Responsibility Revisited

Definitely worth a “relook,” eh?+

--RK, 10:16pmEST, 11/12/2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Outta’ time…

“Out to sea…, it’s getting hard to fly.” - *shhh*+

--RK, 11:18pmEST, 11/11/2014

Point Consciousness Meditation

A rabbit hole deeper…+

     I am the originator of Point Consciousness Meditation which I independently completed development of in 1970 at age seventeen (within the two years after I achieved pranayama at age fifteen). - It is not just another peripheral type of meditation (such as TM, etc.), but it became the core of all meditation. - What follows are its critical concepts that helped me to reach entirely beyond space/time. - This is heady+ stuff and not to be entered into lightly. - You must have established a lifetime commitment to meditation for the very purpose of finding the truth and nothing less, because that’s where it must begin. - Without receiving the love for the truth and nothing less you will not be able to go any-“where” from within. - As you pursue this your perceptual experiences (which will be quite profound) must be put on a shelf (to be considered later after meditation) as you continue deeper/higher within.+
     If you are a seeker this is a path within ignored only at your loss. - I certainly couldn’t ignore it, because there was no other pathway to be found toward higher/deeper levels of consciousness which can only found from within. - This is serious and must be treated as such. - This is not for entertainment purposes or something you “try” by any means. - “To thine own self be true,”+ within. - I knew, even at age eleven, that there were deeper/higher levels of consciousness far beyond the physical realm of space/time, which is when I began serious meditation in the fall of 1964. - And neither man nor angel could stop me.
     Note: Psychotropics are not necessary for any of this and definitely not recommended by any means. - It would only be a distraction from your otherwise singular pursuit of truth in meditation from within. - [We knew what we were getting then, but now you could well be duped into buying PCP (horse tranquilizer) instead and end up with a very bad, non-"trip." - *Word up!*] - Caveat Emptor!

Consciousness is Independent
     I call a serious difference between simple awareness and consciousness. - Awareness is completely tied to the senses and perception whereas consciousness is entirely independent of it. - Consciousness, as I also discovered, is also independent of space/time. - How is this and why? - Consciousness streams from your spirit and is also independent of the mind/soul, and is the very thing that animates it.
     So this begs the question, What is the soul? - Contrary to “popular opinion” and myth otherwise as a question that can never be answered, the mind/soul is emotion/thought from which springs imagination and is the seat of the will with the ego (hopefully) only as an appendix. - It only has awareness, though it is consciousness which animates it otherwise. - Spirit and soul, therefore, are NOT the same thing by any means, and unless your spirit is germinated in the process of any of this, it will all have been for nothing.+ - *selah*
     Pick a second a few moments ahead of you. - When you get to it, make it an hour. - Then pick a “second” a few moments ahead of you within that “hour” and make it an hour. - Continue doing this, nesting deeper and deeper into time, slicing it up into smaller and smaller “segments” until it simply falls behind you. - This won’t just “happen” and cannot be accomplished in just one session of meditation either. - This is not instant coffee and will certainly take time to be brewed. - As time falls behind you, space will go with it, along with awareness and its attendant senses and perception (thereby leaving your physical self completely behind in “stasis”).+ - Be sure you are not interrupted or disturbed during your meditations.
     By the way, “group meditation” is an oxymoron. - If you’re going to learn to drive a car, you must get behind the wheel yourself. - It cannot be done by “committee.”

Direct Perception
     This is “where” you must develop perception beyond the senses and otherwise awareness. - I call it direct perception. - Direct perception can only be developed in the context of the etheric. - The etheric is a pseudo-dimension which entirely encompasses and suffuses throughout the first five dimensions and is independent of them.
     This begs the question, what is the definition of a dimension then? - It is originally derived from the most ancient esoteric teaching of all time, “As above, so below.” - For a dimension to be a dimension it must be perfectly perpendicular to every other dimension below it. - After one has drawn the x, y and z axes you cannot draw another perpendicular line because all the 90° angles have been taken up. - But, by way of duration, time is emergent as even more perfectly perpendicular than a 90° angle. - Then there is the fifth dimension, which is beyond space and time, again an even more perfect, emergent perpendicularity (“where” black holes/singularities exist+). - This is “where” I found the oneness, absolute and perfect, from within, by way of Point Consciousness Meditation.+
     This is what helped me to isolate and understand just what consciousness itself really was, beyond otherwise simple awareness. - And this was critical to know before I could continue my pursuit deep within.+

The Psychedelic Connection+
     I had developed/originated Point Consciousness Meditation before in the mid- to late 1960s. - And even after much experience there, I found that Aldous Huxley’s “Doors of Perception” was only a distraction, because what I had discovered was entirely beyond perception (through the physical senses) itself, unto direct perception in the etheric.
     And this is what eventually led me to the Mystery itself, finding the source of consciousness, which streams from ones spirit. - So I followed upstream, focusing on nothing else, until…

This is where I must leave it, because from here you are on your own. - I can only hope this has lit a fire under you to pursue truth and nothing less which can only be done from within. - “If thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light.”+ - [This means the entire electromagnetic spectrum, not just visible light. - If you were to make it into a film strip, it would be 2,500 miles long, with the visible part of the spectrum only being one frame, but this is about things spiritual otherwise.]
     If you are new to this, then you will have questions. - I do not charge for teaching meditation, so don’t hesitate to contact me, because I know you will have questions, which I can answer, no matter how profound they may be for you. - (Scroll for my Profile in the right column on this page.)
     It’s not about money. - It’s not about ego. - And it’s not about physical perception. - It’s about the Mystery, within. - *selah*

--RK, 8:34amEST, 11/11/2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014

You are the key…

I know you don’t understand this, but…
“Give yourself to me…”+

--RK, 11:11pmEST, 11/8/2014
     So, um, who told you otherwise? - You?
        See also my Google+ posting on this: Here.
           [Broken video link fixed.]

Friday, November 7, 2014

Seems no one heard me…, ’nuff said…

That’s right, it seems no one listened.
Art is art, and music is music, but when…,
when it’s done well, done very well, well,…
What can I say, just listen and watch, very closely.

Don’t let your mind argue with it, please…, just listen! - *selah*+

--RK, 9:47pmEST, 11/7/2014
   …One song at a time, no judgment, eh?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Candle of time…

“Has the dawn ever seen your eyes?”
   No, no, don’t turn away now, not now, not this time…
     “Clear the battlefield and let me see…,
      …all the profit from our victory…”
      “Are ya’ deaf when ya’ hear the seasons call?”

This is where and when I light my candle.
It’s not made of paraffin for wick, but a nick,
sharp in time forcing its stall into stillness.
Yeah, I hear the lead guitar wailing…

Yeah, I hear, nothing so bright as appears,
never has been, but my attention’s within.
Brighten the lights, music hard up in terrible din,
but my quiet is so much louder in deep silence.

I know why, but still I ask, “Why?”
When I know, and always have, the answer,
the answer has always been deep within.
Knowing it’s true, you feign to know, in shame of denial.

You (think you) want heaven to rain down, but…+

--RK, 11:39pmEST, 11/4/2014
   How terribly & deeply sad you just don’t get it…

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

If I’m to fall…*

…I see your parachute near dandelion’s down, soft, no flutter,
smooth, slow descent, next to me, watching so closely.
I know you saw it coming and I leave you this legacy…,
so no one will ever be able to forget, not now, not ever…,
not this time, not this time… - I’m free to fall, now, *shhh…*+

*See also: “If I’m to Fall…” on Google+ with nine more pictures.

--RK, 12:10amEST, 11/4/2014

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Get in on the “dark matter” controversy…

Yep, this is serious stuff all right, no doubt (anyone can understand it, too)!
It’s definitely worth a look if you’re interested in astronomy at all…+

--RK, 8:53pmEST, 11/2/2014
   …thanks go to Brian Koberlein for this one…
      Important Update: HERE on Google+.

Perhaps the same as I

I know not how they got here…
This, my culture, still, in glory of move.

   The Battle for Terra Mina (Earth)
Lord of the Dance - Feet of Flames
(Riverdance Live: Hyde Park London - 1:53:36)+

--RK, 1:10amEDST, 11/2/2014
     “That you loved me still the same,”
        from when and where we came.
        …and the ’lin were blue and green.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Frozen and broken, you are the key…

     “Give yourself to me, give all to me.
        If I could melt your heart, we’d never…,
        …we’d never be apart. - You
are the key.”

“You only see what your eyes want to see.”
I see it, your heart’s not open, closed so tight.
How can I reach you, you’ve closed the door,
locked it hard, and only you have the key.

“If I lose you, my heart will be broken.
Love is the bird, she needs to fly… If I could…,
[I’d] melt your heart, we’d never be apart.
Give yourself to me. - You are the key.

Reservations not allowed, give all or die…
Been here too long not to see what’s real,
even with closed eyes, from deep within,
a place you’ve never known, so, so real.

It’s okay, past duality, I’m far beyond.
Neither delusion nor illusion remain, not within.
Truly free, how can I tell you this…?
Leave darkness behind, or light can’t find you,

not if you aren’t looking within. - “Love is the bird,
she needs to fly.” - You know this undeniably, so…,
so why, why do you hesitate at all. - “You are the key.”
Ongoing denial, a river to nowhere, evermore.

Listen close, very closely…, “If I could melt…,
If I could melt your heart, mmm…, we’d never be apart.
Mmm…, Give yourself to me, mmm…, Give all, the key.
…You are the key.” - Touch it, turn it…

“If I could melt your heart…, give yourself to me…,
…give yourself to me, give all. You are the key,
…but you’re broken,” frozen…, so very cold, lost.
“If I could melt your heart…, you are the key.” - *tears*

“Your heart’s not open, frozen,”
frozen away from the Mystery within.
“Let all the hurt inside of you die,”
now, not later, never later.

“If I could melt your heart…,”+

--RK, 10:41pmEDST, 10/30/2014
   If I could just lift your heart…
     [Broken video links fixed.]

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

“You Can’t.”

     “You already decided to go through this door.
        Don’t act like you have to think about it now.”

“What if I say no?”+

“You can’t,” not this close to home.+

--RK, 12:01amEDST, 10/29/2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Don’t look in the mirror now…

     “…[T]ouch me like I’m an ordinary man, have a look in my eyes[…]
        Let me be the lesser of a beautiful man…,
        …without the blood on his hands.
        Come find me[…] the lesser of a…”

…if you aren’t ready.
You already know all about it.
I don’t know how you sleep,
except you drunk yourself there.

Personal responsibility, personal response-insanity…,
I understand, and you have to get up now.
Stand up, that’s right, stand up right now!
Stand still and listen very, very carefully.

You know I don’t mess around in my poetry,
and this one’s yours, all yours, personal,
very, very personal, because I know, yes…,
yes, I know what you did…, and why…

Personal responsibility, personal responsibility,
’fess up now, or its evil will dark you down,
irretrievable, beyond anyone’s reach, way down.
Within’s where you have to go, or lose it all…

Personal responsibility, personal response-insanity, without,
irretrievable, once relinquished because fear whispered,
whispered so quietly & calmy in your ear that all was well,
with its (unreal) gun at your head. - “Bullets, are the beauty,

the beauty of a blistering sky, blistering sky,
blistering sky, and I don’t know why…,
…blistering sky, blistering sky, blistering sky,
bullets are the beauty…” - Personal responsibility…+

--RK, 10:49pmEDST, 10/27/2014

Death wish…

   [In irony, sardony & melancholy:]
     Killing time…, “[g]ive me a minute…”
        “A Big Brother Presentation - Don’t believe the truth.
          [No worries, I have my own white coat. - “I don’t mind.”]

Do not resuscitate…, - Not “if my heart’s not in it.” - *wan sigh*
The bill’s waiting. - Ready to pay, I sit still.
Go away. - Don’t get between me & the Ancient of Days.
“Give me a minute.” - My soul’s not for sale.

“I’ll be fine…” - “I’m not complaining…”+

--RK, 7:39pmEDST, 10/27/2014
     “…as long as there’s a [death]bed beneath the stars that shine.”

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Go with me…, one more time…

…or languish in the dark…
That’s right, just one foot in front of the other,
just this one time, and listen/watch closely.
It’s okay, I’m here with you, relax and listen keenly.+

--RK, 10:51pmEDST, 10/26/2014

Final threshold

I use song(s) of the world to speak, partly,
to help speak of all that is far beyond.
And though they ponder it not, stagnant,
yet, still, I speak softly in quiet places,

unknown of the world & its unrelenting song,
a diverse song of nothing, though everything,
irrelevant to that which is beyond, far though,
above the mountains of the sun, and its ramparts,

the very same ramparts, beyond its mountains,
I got to know so very, very well, step by step,
in unrelenting climb to my first steps unto,
yes, unto the heavens+ beyond the firmament,+

beyond, until I found the first step within,
my first step into the Mystery, finally revealed,
revealed in the deep beyond its profound, unto,
unto eternity’s threshold, all else left behind,

far behind in the terrible void of the world,
its silent songs lost far behind in its dark,
its dark “palaces” I will never remember,
not in the sweet deep of final peace I found nowhere else…

--RK, 12:28amEDST, 10/26/2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Addicted, you’re in deep…

     “…might as well face it…’

That’s right, you’re addicted, and never looked,
too deep, scary and, though not, you’re reluctant,
because you rejected the love for the truth within,
and nothing less. - You’re lost, nowhere to go…

You’re not immune and you’re gonna’ to have to face it,
runnin’ at different speeds, your fibrillating heart jumps.
Oh yeah, you’re gone, closer to the truth, you’re not here.
You’re not home, you can’t sleep, not here, in deep,

and you’d like to think you’re immune, but I see you…,
…and closer to the truth, I see you fade into darkness,
out of reach forever, no retrieve possible, gone…
Oh yeah, closer to the truth, you never got enough…

“Your lights are on, but you’re not home…”
Just a kiss away, just a shout away, it falls upon you,
grinding, scraping, scattering dust with you choking,
and you’re immune, you think, but you’ll never taste it,

as eternity begins its roll far beyond forever…
…and “You drunk mind if you do.” - *selah*
And I’m not going to let you sleep, not now…,
not this time, for the long day of the fallen, crushed

in chains of utter dark, the hated dry place, perception gone.
And you always thought you were immune…, oh yeah. - *nodding*
Ah, and “[y]our throat is tight, you can’t breathe…”+

--RK, 10:59pmEDST, 10/25/2014


…I’m used to, been here long now.
Thoughts collided while I watched,
nothing of importance then so…,
so I moved on, into the depths.

What was next didn’t matter, not then,
nor even a cometary impact’s shockwave now,
rounding the planet with us in its sharp wake.
My daily nourishment, languish & remembering.

Memories many, replete with great lessons,
many deep, so very deep, I hardly plumbed.
What drove me on, knowing this was maya?
Unreal to whom I knew I was, I moved on.

So, eleven years old, I knew I had to go,
within, way deep within, where none ever,
none had ever trod, no turning back, right,
and I had absolutely no reservations.

Not even one entered my mind then…
I knew I was on my way, never to be held back…, ever.

--RK, 9:33pmEDST, 10/25/2014

A rabbit hole deeper…

“Lucy in the sky with diamonds,”+
Yellow submarine, blue meanies,+
Obleo and his little dog Point,+
then back to Alice in Wonderland+
sitting in her restaurant, smiling+

…like the chesire cat, one tooth glinting,
her palms out, a blue pill and a red.+
Found how deep the rabbit hole went,
but it didn’t go to wonderland.
Found a melancholy man behind four doors.+

First tamed an undisciplined, scattered mind,
then took the “blue pill”+ to wonders far
beyond the world, the universe and all in it.+
Stayed a few lifetimes, with reluctant return
to the same I’d left behind, not one step ahead.

Reaching out, next to none respond, still
not fully understanding even “wonderland.”
Fantasy never what I wanted, only the Mystery itself.
Now I struggle against mankind’s straight jacket
trying to reach the few who are left…+

--RK, 5/4/07

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Close to home…

     “You already decided to go through this door.
        Don’t act like you have to think about it now.”

Yeah, that’s right, I was part of Project Blue Book.
I’ve been saving this one for a long time.
So, why is that so surprising to you, eh?
I was a subject of their investigations.

I was fourteen when I saw them, three,
tight triangle formation at high altitude,
headed directly east, obvious disc shapes,
no blur or blinking lights, cloudless mid-day,

just north of zenith, sound following behind,
by ninety degrees, and with no jet contrails.
Made my report, never heard back, redacted,
not included in the book, too exactingly detailed.

Yeah, and in 1967 they hovered over me,
their jump jet less than thirty feet above.
I stumbled off my bicycle, still looking up,
and watched it start moving slowly southward,

toward the naval air station I lived close by
where I worked as a scullery boy the next year…
Still on their radar, I keep a watch on them, too,
as they skulk in their dark mist of nondisclosure…+ - *selah*

--RK, 8:30pmEDST, 10/23/2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I don’t miss much…

If I do, let me know, eh? - I’m always listening…+

--RK, 8:32pmEDST, 10/22/2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

One more time, you think…

…where I am is a dark place, but it’s so full,
so very full of light, wanting so much more,
far more than you can stand in your deep dark,

the very darkness its candle so easily vanquishes,
its music, note by note, singly conquering blackness.
Ahh, and here I come stepping over its quicksand murk.
Yes, I did find it all, much to your chagrin,

…perhaps. - Yes, I really found it all, from within.
It’s right there inside you, too, but your eyes,
yes your eyes, they glaze over, as though it can’t exist.
But I can see its sad dimmed glint in you from here.+

head bowed in deep, soft sigh - *selah*

--RK, 1:08amEDST, 10/20/2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sleep no respite for nonseekers…

Yes, I did find it all, in great exultance unknown,
like I was the first one to step into its brilliance.
I knew better, but its crisp, absolute purity,
its perfect newness found me in utter thrall.

So why do you hesitate, noncommittal, comfortable,
at home in pool’s stagnance you so lazily cultivated?
I’ve always searched, and found great treasure,
within, no single stagnant thought ever detained me.

You have to listen before it’s too late, way too late.
You were waylaid in space/time, never listening.
I’m fine, but I fear your utter loss, because…,
because there is only creation or destruction so…,

if you don’t understand your part in seeking life,
then destruction will be your end, your final end.
You will not be remembered, never having existed at all.
Wake up, or sleep will never be respite, nor possible,

not now…, I personally guarantee you.+ - *selah*

--RK, 10:51pmEDST, 10/18/2014

Can you help me?

     [How many ways do I really need to say it?]

I can see into your windowless room,
you know, the one inside you, the one,
yes, the one you never go into.

I’ve been there a very long time.
I know its every corner, crevice and curve,
and I don’t see a trace of you here.

It’s within you & me, a “place” you should know,
but it’s empty. - I know, because it’s my room,
yes, my room, too, the one deep within I didn’t miss.

How did you miss it? - It’s unmistakable,
unmistakable in its great depth, yes,
its great depth I could never ignore,

even though I was only eleven in 1964,
before 1984, a millennium, now thirty years back,
a thousand years between then and then.

Yes, I can see into your windowless room,
you know, the one you’ve never seen or,
right, the one you never looked for inside…

It’s not going anywhere, but everything else,
yes, everything else will soon go away.
And I don’t know “where” you’ll end up.

Can you help me…?+

--RK, 11:42pmEDST, 10/17/2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You can’t change this…

   (So poignant…, stop everything & just listen.)

Yes, it’s far, far too late. - I left long ago.
Space/time not my home, beyond reach & recall.
It’s okay, this is home here, for a “while.”
No, I won’t be back, not this time…

So, I leave you this, this legacy, my legacy
of poetry, videos & my book on cosmology.+
Don’t worry, I’ve been here so long, so very long,
that nothing “here” can possibly matter anymore.

To reach beyond space/time, my very first hope,
long ago realized, but one more “time” I reach,
into the breach, the narrow way, the straight gate,
never to return. - This is time’s lost echo I leave.

It is all I can do, and you cannot change it…+

--RK, 9:38pmEDST, 10/14/2014
     [Thanks to Orchydee64’s visual rendition of this video on Utube.]

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Not this time…

Quantum horror… - Are you still interested?
Delivered in bite-sized chunks. - Hold your breath…
This is Cube 2, a “quantum” leap from Cube.
Disclaimer: - Not for the faint of heart, eh?
Reality: Not related to reality… - selah
Cube 2: Take your chances, eh?+

--RK, 10:18pmEDST, 11/10/2014

Thursday, October 9, 2014


I’ve heard many lie with thin veil of kindness.
Corrosive as acid, their words try to seep into you.
You and I know better. Their words only etch themselves,
revealing their skeletons, all that’s left of them.

They turn your “Good morning” into insult against you,
thinking to injure your emotions and break thought.
But we know better, because they only appear as bones,
our eyes open, theirs never having seen light’s deep glint,

their bones lying in utter dark. - And the little ones,
the little ones they tear to shreds in murderous glee.
But there’s far worse waiting for them than a millstone,*
for time’s end will not find them in its perfect renewal.**

Then it will be as though they never were,
with infants playing on the hole of the asp,
weaned, their hand on the cockatrice’s den,*** unharmed.
Lies, death, skeletons, evil smiles, never then again.+

--RK, 12:07amEDST, 10/9/2014
     [*Luke 17:2, **Revelation 10:6, ***Isaiah 11:8]

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I found it all…

     [Tuck it away, but listen…]+

…and I didn’t have to go anywhere…,
within not far, just a sighing breath away,
just a shout away, but listen closely first,
because nothing’s static here, nor there.

So much to share, but one waits, watching,
listening keenly, hoping, in sweet stillness,
knowing profound’s expanse will soon emerge,
calling from its depths, the edge of all behind.

Now, nothing withstanding, eternity ‘appears,’
its music playing on, trailing, echoing,
echoing all I’ve found behind, so long ago,
so very long ago… - And I’m still waiting… quietly.

[whispered very softly…] - Yes, I did find it all…

--RK, 12:16amEDST, 10/8/2014 - (Important edit made: 10/16/2014)
     …for Tonya… - *shhh…*
     [Ending @ 6:31 (Afterward inspires a very different poem.)]