Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You can’t change this…

   (So poignant…, stop everything & just listen.)

Yes, it’s far, far too late. - I left long ago.
Space/time not my home, beyond reach & recall.
It’s okay, this is home here, for a “while.”
No, I won’t be back, not this time…

So, I leave you this, this legacy, my legacy
of poetry, videos & my book on cosmology.+
Don’t worry, I’ve been here so long, so very long,
that nothing “here” can possibly matter anymore.

To reach beyond space/time, my very first hope,
long ago realized, but one more “time” I reach,
into the breach, the narrow way, the straight gate,
never to return. - This is time’s lost echo I leave.

It is all I can do, and you cannot change it…+

--RK, 9:38pmEDST, 10/14/2014
     [Thanks to Orchydee64’s visual rendition of this video on Utube.]

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