Friday, December 26, 2014

Who did you… think I was?

     I’m lookin’ to turn my face to light,” as always.
       [Inspired by Tool’s music video, “H.”]

I’m not here to mess around. - Perhaps you didn’t know.
Well, here’s the down low, eh? - I’m not from here…
I never was, but I brought great treasure with me.
And you don’t get how important that’s really been.

What can I say? - Are you paying any attention?
I have to wonder, for I’ve heard nil from you.
Is that your name, Nil? - I think not but…,
have you distinguished yourself from others?

Do you know who you really are? - I have to wonder.
And did you come from anywhere at all? - I don’t know.
I have to put the onus on you, for I find you ephemeral,
ghostly, as though you’re not really with us…

Yeah, you can see and hear but, do you perceive anything,
anything otherwise at all, within? - Not from what I’ve found.
And so I have to wonder whether you’re only jetsam,
just another nearly meaningless part of this universe.

Dammit, stand out, or only find utter, total loss because,
without within, you will only ever be out of its reach,
though it’s right there inside you, tantalizingly, maddeningly,
so tenderly close. - Oblivious to it, your very existence nears end.

Ah, and so you think I ‘ramble,’ though my perspective is limitless
…but are you “killin’ me just the same?” - “I don’t mind…, I don’t mind…”+

--RK, 9:20pm, 12/26/2014
     Just a little reverse ‘psychology,’ ’nuff said…

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