Wednesday, April 29, 2015


…yeah, somehow you know. - Yes, I know,
it’s unavoidable…, in the back of your mind.
I didn’t plan anything. - I had no plan,
but I’ve been here so long, the story…,

…the story had to be told…, to seekers.
There’s nothing in me to care otherwise.
So, yes, what you see is what you got,
but this is not a computer program.

You were programmed young, very young.
My fire is directed to just that, programming,
your programming, so I can get to you,
to help you. - Just let the firing happen.

You will come to no harm, just truth.
I’m blasting programming’s shell away,
so you can see around you…, and find
that’s all it’s been…, all this time, so…

So listen carefully now…, oh so carefully…+

--RK, 8:28pmEDST, 4/29/2015
     You began alone & will end alone, so what about within?+

Monday, April 27, 2015

Last wish

     Don’t worry, I’ll be here a little while longer…

So much running through my mind, not sure where to begin.
I’ve helped so many, very few who would return in thanks.
It’s been nearly ten thousand years…, in just a few decades.
Just one or two more and I’ll be gone, none to follow.

Will you understand why I was here, sent to help?
No, this is not my home. - My sky was far more,
far, far more brilliant, like next to Orion, just…,
…just the other side, unknown of Earth, or here.

Don’t let me go away, not from this dark place,
not without letting me know you heard me…, please.
But it’s okay, deep, deep within, I’ve always been…,
…home, at least since 1967, when I remembered,

when I remembered and realized I’d been sent,
sent to where it would all end in apocalypse.
My assignment: Help seekers, witness all things.
Don’t worry, it’ll all be over sooner than you think.

So you have to choose to end it all then,
or end it in purpose now, for new beginning.
It was not on me to put this choice on you.
I made my choice even before I was born, 1952.

So, my last wish, perhaps last of all wishes,
is that you, too, will choose what lies beyond,
far, far beyond for you, deep within, and where…,
where this universe…, will never be remembered. - *selah*

--RK, 1:09amEDST, 4/27/2015
     Where do all these words come from…?+

Friday, April 24, 2015

“Without love…

     Are you asenseoffender?

…your breath is just a clock, ticking.”+
And the alarm will soon go off. - No,
no, you won’t be able to turn it off,
not this time, not without deep love.

It’s okay to feel, but not to look, not in,
not in the mirror for it cannot reflect soul.
It’s just light. - But what about your…,
your countenance? - Any mirror can

reflect, but that’s not what you see.
Eyes only see, they do not truly see.
Ya’ gotta’ go deeper for that, within,
deep, deep within, inside you, a place,

a place no one ever told you about,
within, where there’s no “where,”
not even time, only the deeper you,
the you, the you you need to remember.

Then, take penultimate focus…, deep,
as a martial artist, precise, target keen.
But there’s more, even deeper, sharper,
sharper than deep, with dead-on focus.

That’s the only way I could make it,
up, through the neck of the hourglass,
far beyond space/time, unto the…,
unto the utter oneness I’d sought so long.

In my final focus, at my deepest within,
I found life deep beyond, unseen, untouched,
unknown of the world, which I’d not known.
As a thousand-petaled lotus, all things,

all things of any meaning, opened up,
and my enthrall surpassed all things,
everything I’d known before. - Then…,
then a new friend took me on a bike ride.

I still remember tall trees looming, peaceful,
slowly moving beneath them, in deep bliss,
and in utter, quiet calm I had not known before.
This, just a brief moment of time in Toledo.

Ohio, where many demons gathered (1971)
who fled before me, for what I knew,
what I’d found they could never’ve had.
I knew then…, neither could the world. - *selah*+

--RK, 1:20amEDST, 4/24/2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


     I’m already there. - Have a seat.

Where I walk+, everyone has the same back door.+
No need to pick a lock, for no one has one.
I know it’s news to you, but I’m already in,
sitting on your couch near the front door.

Don’t worry, I’m not here to harm, and can’t,
but you haven’t told your story…, if you have one.
Do you? - Or have you avoided any in telling?
I mean the telling of what you (think) shouldn’t,

what shouldn’t be, because you ventured not,
not where you should’ve, inside…, waye+ deep.
I’ve had your number for ages…, eons now.
You can’t get away, for you never could.

So why…, how is it I have you cornered,
cornered in your own “house,” your place,
or so you thought, your place of comfort?
It never had comfort to offer, only hiding,

only a place to hide from the inevitable.
So, what’s inevitable, destruction or life?
You know the answer, avoided long now,
because, in envy, you’ve always hated it,

yes, the very spark of life you enjoy.
Your whole life a deathwish, now near.
Is there anything in you to step back,
back from destruction’s dire precipice?

I had always hoped, yes, but always knew,
somehow, somehow, that it could not be,
could never be, not for what you’ve,
what you’ve always chosen…, deep oblivion.

Such life you could’ve had, but rejected,
rejected in rebellion and narcissistic hate,
yourself the very Son of Perdition+, in Papacy,
sitting on murder’s throne, laughing, …fearful.

We will never hear you laugh, destroyed,
lost in oblivion you rushed headlong into,
headlong into its breach, its breach against
all that life had to offer, drawing down,

drawing down many, many with you,
unto their final destruction, your desire,
your deep desire, your hate lit in fire,
the same to bring your end, from inside you+,

even beyond forever, when we will…,
when we will never know you existed+,
nor any who never knew the garden,
the very one, where you deceived,

when you openly lied to precious Eve,
knowing Adam was waiting & also ate+.
This be only a footnote for the last,
time’s very last moment+, soon to end,

but never to be read of anyone then…+,
when lions lie down with lambs. - *selah*

--RK, 1:03amEDST, 4/21/2015
     See: Ezekiel 28:1-19

Saturday, April 18, 2015


     [Click Image for Links to Postings.]+

--RK, 8:35pmEDST, 4/18/2015

Friday, April 17, 2015

Onkalo 9595

     “It’s been ten thousand years…”
       …in this place of bright darkness, forbidden, forever!
            [Onkalo: a place of hiding, but not for any living thing.]

Do not enter Onkalo! - Dark & deep it is,
bright with invisible, deadly radiation.
You don’t want this place! - Leave it!
Your curiosity of it will kill you…, unkindly.

It’s okay, go away. - Do not enter!
Your forefathers knew better, and still
they wrought terrible danger, danger
to themselves and all who followed.

Go away & do not come back here, ever!
Leave it in its pit dug down deep,
for it can not cool down, not for us,
neither for you, nor until 100,000 years!

   Wipe away my tears, for I bury things I must.

“Remember, forever, to forget,” this place, unto oblivion,
  for “The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up.”+

--RK, 12:09amEDST, 4/17/2015
     [In 9595 this was what only one, very small country did 7,580 years ago!]+
       A very, very, very somber opera indeed. - *selah*

Sunday, April 12, 2015


     You’re trapped, knowing the way out and…,

…with every step, leaves crunch loudly underfoot,
beneath jungle canopy, furtive, looking about,
every moment a second from disaster, death.
You’re trapped, here, nowhere close to within.

Ya’ gotta’ get out, but no one told you.
That’s why I’m here, to let you know,
it’s a jungle, here in the flesh, you, lost
in its clutches, under murderous canopy.

Ya’ gotta’ get out, ya’ gotta’ go within,
but I found you only with clutter, clutter of
gold, parties, watches…, thinking romance,
when it’s all jungle, in the world of flesh.

You’re gonna’ get eaten alive there, buddy,
unless you go within. - Or you’ll never get in,
because ya’ gotta’ leave it all behind, inside.
Get in, or never get out. - Go within or…

…stay without, death always at hand,
every little sound [situation] grabs your eyes,
because you ignored your door within,
the one that’s always been there for you.

Why, why do you still roam the jungle of flesh,
with all its bangles, gold, watches, cars, all…
just seduction for its deep jungle you’re in, yes,
the cage you’ve always been in, eh? - *shaking head*

I don’t know who told you it’s not a jungle,
but it’s time you realized it is, or die,
die never knowing you were eaten alive,
where you thought there was only gold,

gold, glee and romance, all just a veil of death.
How terribly, tragically sad, though it’s not like…,
not like you weren’t told, how many times now?
Quick, hide this one under your rug, too, eh?

But I’m not going away, not just yet….
Can’t you see the bars you’re behind?
Turn around, toward within, and find deep freedom,
freedom you’ve never known, so close to your grasp.

--RK, 5:32amEDST, 4/11/2015
     And you thought I was here for the always party, how sad.+
        [Revised w/new end-copy & video links added: 10:30pmEDST, 4/12/2015]

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Soul Hacker

     It’s not what you think, but…

I’ve got you comin’ and goin’…, never knowin’.
I’ve found the sub- of subliminal…, from within.
Sub-subliminally, you will never see or notice anything.
Not here to harm…, I’ve learned what I need to know.

Comes down to diligence. - *softly* - Do you have any?
No, not in this world, that’s a given…, with grace.
I speak of much, much deeper things, far, far beyond any notice.
If I have your attention…, you have to listen…, to subtleties within.

No, you can’t find me with wifi, telescopes, microscopes,
or anything else, not even psychics, empaths, microlensing
or remote sensors. - I’m far beyond those glidepaths.
Perspective from here, has made all the difference and…

there’s nothing they can do about it. - Me, the ultimate recluse.
It took a long, long time to get here, each step higher, arduous,
painful at times, with (un)important, forgiven loss, great favor,
fulfillment none other sought… and no other footsteps found, here.

So now, it’s just you and me… - I hear a train passing, close.
Can you hear it, too? - Here, only what I hear, can you hear,
If you’ve heard me, these words, few, are lost of many.
Next step yours…, way deep within, you’ve avoided,

until now. - And now you have no choice. - Step on through.
It’s not a place foreign, just deeper within you, closer to you,
unvisited, unsought, unknown and, now, next to discovery.
No one can stop you, only you. - So just one more step…,

to wonders far beyond this world’s ken, never to be known.
It’s okay, I’ve been here longer than I can tell…, Welcome.+

--RK, 12:47amEDST, 4/11/2015
     For a few, my time’s been no waste. - *soft sigh*
     “Enjoy the silence…”+

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Set me free…

     “Don’t believe desire, destiny of a lie.”

I watch it over and over and over again, and…,
damn, she’s so right I can’t argue. - Forget it!
The setting of the video: a church ready for renovation.
Probably the most perfect video/song combo in history.

“Don’t believe desire, destiny of a lie,” so, so true.
Notice the band members’ faces’ intensity & focus.
They know what’s going on, with no doubt whatsoever.
Breakin’ it down, frame by frame, lyric by lyric,

I’ve found nothing as intense as this for message.
So, what’s the message, desire? - No, it’s a lie.
So how’s that!? - Easy, consider your experience.
Has it really been all that deeply fulfilling?

Good question. - Procreation appropriate, sure, but…
…does it go anywhere beyond that? - *shaking head*
Listen to it again, and again, taking mental/emotional notes,
and look at her issue with new eyes you’ve not seen through,

not before, not before now. - Lacuna Coil has helped me so…,
so much, I can’t tell you. - And this is just one of their songs!
So please, please, “Set me free, set me free with your love.”
“Your heaven’s a lie.” - You’ve never seen the real one.

And I can’t truly say now that I didn’t, back in 1971…,
but I can say, “The world doesn’t have a clue…” - *selah*+

--RK, 11:24pm, 4/8/2015
     “Enjoy the Silence.”+

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Distant Shallows

No, you don’t get just how deep it all goes but,
if you understand, I salute you on my way down,
down into depths of emotion others cannot fathom.
I’ve been here so long, it’s home, sweet, home,

…entirely engulfing me, far beyond simple engagement.
I know you cannot follow me here, not now, in this deep.
But at least you know it’s here, when you need it.
When you do, don’t forget, leave me a note in its depths.

I’m not going anywhere beyond the deep, for shallows,
shallows are for those who fathom not, not within,
the world holding all their attention, senses inured,
springs of deep life close, inside them, untapped.

I’ve been here so long, you so far behind, I cannot,
I cannot see you in distance, dark from far, deep,
deep within, my long home from beyond, not here,
not anywhere here…, not in this distant shallow.

I must move on now, losing you in sad shallows…+

--RK, 11:12pmEDST, 4/5/2016
     …where Sleep will come.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Catbird Seat

I’ve got the catbird seat, but it’s not comfortable.
I’ve known what’s coming for a long time, too long.
No, I don’t know all the details, just the main ones.
We’ve all seen some of it already, but there’s more,

so much that it will more than boggle your mind.
That much I can tell you, from the catbird seat.
A flood from the highlands like a tsunami, headed oceanward,
in Chile they just had to get out of the way…, if they could.

--RK, 11:03pmEDST, 4/3/2014

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Paint it black…

     “She paints her eyes as black as night now…”

I know emotion. - I can paint it black or ineffable.
I know thought. - I can paint it good or evil, so…,
I’ll pull my shades down tight, for the night.
No, you don’t want to look here, not now,

because it’s too close to the truth for you.
I’m not so different, as different as I am.
So, don’t feel so uncomfortable with me.
I don’t with you, because I was taught better.

You can blame it on my mom, every day of the week.
I’m smiling, because that’s just what she intended
in how she raised me, heart to heart, unadjusted.
She always knew I’d understand…, and I did.

And without her, I never would have…, I know that.
And she knew that, which is why we both knew truth.
I’d have everyone, if I could, under her tutelage,
because she knew, she just knew, what was needed,

in my own heart and, as I saw, in others’.
No bandwagon here, but I'd not be without her.
I know emotion. - And I paint it ineffable…, or black.
I know thought. - And I paint it evil…, or good.

Your dependency never on others, only our Creator,
none other, for only He knows your heart. - *selah*+

--RK, 12:08amEDST, 4/2/2015
     “She says she talks to angels.
       Yeah, they call her out by her name.”