Sunday, April 12, 2015


     You’re trapped, knowing the way out and…,

…with every step, leaves crunch loudly underfoot,
beneath jungle canopy, furtive, looking about,
every moment a second from disaster, death.
You’re trapped, here, nowhere close to within.

Ya’ gotta’ get out, but no one told you.
That’s why I’m here, to let you know,
it’s a jungle, here in the flesh, you, lost
in its clutches, under murderous canopy.

Ya’ gotta’ get out, ya’ gotta’ go within,
but I found you only with clutter, clutter of
gold, parties, watches…, thinking romance,
when it’s all jungle, in the world of flesh.

You’re gonna’ get eaten alive there, buddy,
unless you go within. - Or you’ll never get in,
because ya’ gotta’ leave it all behind, inside.
Get in, or never get out. - Go within or…

…stay without, death always at hand,
every little sound [situation] grabs your eyes,
because you ignored your door within,
the one that’s always been there for you.

Why, why do you still roam the jungle of flesh,
with all its bangles, gold, watches, cars, all…
just seduction for its deep jungle you’re in, yes,
the cage you’ve always been in, eh? - *shaking head*

I don’t know who told you it’s not a jungle,
but it’s time you realized it is, or die,
die never knowing you were eaten alive,
where you thought there was only gold,

gold, glee and romance, all just a veil of death.
How terribly, tragically sad, though it’s not like…,
not like you weren’t told, how many times now?
Quick, hide this one under your rug, too, eh?

But I’m not going away, not just yet….
Can’t you see the bars you’re behind?
Turn around, toward within, and find deep freedom,
freedom you’ve never known, so close to your grasp.

--RK, 5:32amEDST, 4/11/2015
     And you thought I was here for the always party, how sad.+
        [Revised w/new end-copy & video links added: 10:30pmEDST, 4/12/2015]

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