Sunday, April 5, 2015

Distant Shallows

No, you don’t get just how deep it all goes but,
if you understand, I salute you on my way down,
down into depths of emotion others cannot fathom.
I’ve been here so long, it’s home, sweet, home,

…entirely engulfing me, far beyond simple engagement.
I know you cannot follow me here, not now, in this deep.
But at least you know it’s here, when you need it.
When you do, don’t forget, leave me a note in its depths.

I’m not going anywhere beyond the deep, for shallows,
shallows are for those who fathom not, not within,
the world holding all their attention, senses inured,
springs of deep life close, inside them, untapped.

I’ve been here so long, you so far behind, I cannot,
I cannot see you in distance, dark from far, deep,
deep within, my long home from beyond, not here,
not anywhere here…, not in this distant shallow.

I must move on now, losing you in sad shallows…+

--RK, 11:12pmEDST, 4/5/2016
     …where Sleep will come.

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