Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Now I’m countin’ stars…

     “Lately I’ve been, I’ve been losin’ sleep, dreamin’…”
       [Inspired by One Republic’s Counting Stars+]

I’ve swung my heart across the line to repeated discovery,
discovery of all things great, terrible in wonder,
some horrific, only to find others deeply struggling
to make sense of that which nothing can be made…

“I’ve been prayin’ hard,” wondering why, but all,
all I have to do is look, far back down time’s hallway,
yes, even unto Adam’s one day of life, to understand.
What would you have done, all first heaven at hand’s touch?

Hard to understand, understood, but such is as it was,
Adam waiting for Eve to be deceived, knowing she would,
him watching, waiting his turn to determine and decide,
then knowing difference between good and evil,

believing he would be as a god, knowing not life’s deep,
but his decision of disobedience to perfect command
brought him down under dominion with all who followed,
dominion of the first liar, Lucifer himself, deluded,

cast down, thinking his beauty should be worshipped instead.
With reluctant permission I crossed the line to discover,
not to disobey and fall unto corruption and despair but…
to learn all things and to find Him by Whom I was created,

knowing quite surely I did not create myself… - *selah*

--RK, 10:17pmEDST, 6/25/2014
  [Reformatted 12/27/2014]

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Guess who’s coming to dinner…

     “Just a little pinprick…”
        [Inspired by Pink Floyd’s song Comfortably Numb+]

I’m not from here. - You should know this by now.
I was brought from another place, not this one.
I hear Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb+ playing somewhere….
What strange place is this I have found Gaia, horribly crestfallen.

Who would know? - No one here seems to understand,
to understand just how desperate her situation is…
There’s a guest who’s been here for quite a while,
watching, taking note, howling for such vivisection,

Gaia bleeding in so many ways, few in mourning of her,
though many mourning their own fate at others’ hands,
the hands who’ve plundered and turned her inside out.
So, who’s next? - Only this place, isolated way back,

way back in this backwater part of the galaxy where,
where for some reason all eyes are focused, all eyes.
Nothing is being done here in a vacuum, all see,
especially galaxies billions of light years from hence.

So much hard responsibility to bear of those here, those,
those who have plundered and murdered with delight,
genocides, one and another after another, Gaia wincing,
knowing she is also their hard target, but…

Guess Who’s coming to reap what He did not sow here,
in this place that was and is His from its very beginning?
“Hellow, hellow, hellow…, is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me. - Is there anyone at home?

…Can you show me where it hurts?”

--RK, 11:06pm, 6/24/2014

Saturday, June 21, 2014

If it’s love… (sequel)

But for importunity I would never listen, tucked within my quiet deep,
the high soothe of silence none can offer though they hug so very closely.
If it’s love, if it’s love, I must answer your knocking on my heart’s door.
I know your need, but tell me your secrets my neighbor that I may serve.

And if it’s of love, I won’t feel lonely here in my deep quiet place where,
where none need key to enter. - When you knock I must answer in tenderness,
in tender kindness I have come to know as softest silk against my heart.
No broken glass remains here. - I picked up each tiny piece so carefully.

Walk with me now, for we may never have another chance after the morning,
after the mourning of the end of all things in this dark and dank place.
Walk with me now, out of this grey dusk of dim crescent moonlit horizon,
now, not later that we know will never, never come, already gone.+

I see you in a circle of matrix, imprisoned, looking at an open door… - *selah*

--RK, 1:18amEDST, 6/21/2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

If it’s love…

     [Inspired by Hula Cam At Venice Beach by hulafantastica+]
        “We dance round in a ring and suppose,
         but the
Secret sits in the middle and knows.” -Robert Frost

…tell me the most, the secret you hide in the grey.
Meet me in the middle, it’s okay, let’s get personal.
Tell me the most you've never told in this circle.
Don’t hold it prison, when you can leave.

Be kind and never look back, before you…
…tell me the moment you slip away.
It’ll conquer the rage within if it’s love,
the moment you do, tell me the most.

For a few moments let your emotions loose.
Sideline negative ones, they’ll understand.
…and dance…+

--RK, 8:45pmEDST, 6/20/2014

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Time’s pain…

…holds me not behind its veil, a false crucible I slipped through long ago.
I watch others now who’ve found the same portal yet reach not beyond.
Sad all their stories end there, never learning subjective time.
It’s easy, but no one taught them about the road within… - *selah*

They play in time’s shallows, where it slows for a hummingbird,
though never reaches beyond time’s infinite limits between
moments when the tiny hummingbird takes only slight advantage,
beating its wings only seemingly in a blur wafting above air…

…while it tenderly sips a flower’s nectar or drinks from a waterfall…
…in just a moment of time slowed for a close, precious look…
…and its deep intoxication with time held in languid, tender play,
this moment lasting a lifetime like no other moment known…+

…but only from within, unreached by them.

--RK, 1:52amEDST, 6/18/2014
   (Edited slightly 7:35pmEDST)

Saturday, June 14, 2014


…am I your fantasy? - I’m not flattering myself. - It’s real.
I’ve noticed a few things you’ve posted, however subtle,
so the onus is on you to ’fess up, at least in private.

I feel like the guy behind the mirror, “Take On Me.”+
It’s okay, I don’t kiss and tell. - Sit down, relax,
lean against me, breathe softly, feel my heart beating.

It’s okay, finally home now, nothing follows you here, within.
Within you go alone, but I’m not far away at all, close.
Sit down, relax, you’ve never been closer to me here.

There’s nowhere else for us to go, within a gateway all our own.
I’ve been here a very, very long time…, waiting, watching…
…for you. - I’ve seen you coming for decades, wondering,

wondering whether you’d ever see me in this world’s murk,
its dank, dark and hiding, though not here beside me,
gently holding you close, listening to you breathe,

your heart beating now with mine, finally found in time…
…in wonder that we ever found each other in such chaos
on a world where we never thought we’d be, searching…

--RK, 9:58pmEDST, 6/14/2014

(Life) is the color of my true love’s hair…

     [Inspired by Cara Dillon’s Black is the Colour+]

Who called you down from truth’s ramparts, up from its deep fountain
you never sought nor asked of? - I know the answer to my question,
the saddest ever asked of anyone down man’s two+-billion-year canyon.
Its edge, far beyond your myopic horizon you’ll never see, nor know.

Sit down, there’s no need to answer, but now comes the question:
Did you never seek because you never knew you could find (untrue),
or was it because another disquieted you, because truth paramount
was seen so, but only as a fantasy you never received the love for?

Diamond questions, hard to touch, unable to be handled, not now.
It’s too late, so distant late, your last clarion call unheard,
the very one I heard in late 1964 I could not ignore deep within,
because it called me unto heights my deepest memory would never forget.

Remember I did, looking far back down time’s unfathomable hallway,
unstitched with seams, perfect, known, far beyond denial’s unknowing.
Last words to one none can awaken, love for truth, once cast down,
can never again be approached. - Far worse than oblivion now awaits.

We will never remember and it won’t be recorded in this book,
the Book of Remembrance, written by angels who always will,
of only that which called unto eternity’s boundless lap,
unto knowing of things neither flesh nor mind could touch.

Memory only love for truth and nothing less could ever find, lost of you…
Now your last, worst moments begin…, rushing headlong unto end… - *selah*
“All she’s done” falls before your feet into dust of envy unfettered,
hate from nowhere, undesiring to do well, as Cain was gently chided of…

before Able fell of him, never to be forgotten, though Cain not so…
And now I deeply mourn their utter loss when then I cannot… - *bows*
I have no more questions in the oneness found within, beyond the beyond…+

--RK, 7:54pmEDST, 7/14/2014

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lost, I was not

Born into infinity, utterly lost in time, as a polyp,
most tether in place, situation of “life” only as it appears.
But I did not begin so. I knew its limits, in the matrix.
Headed home, before birth, I was perfected in expectation…+

From her matrix I was taught the deep of esoteric, beyond.
Mom knew, this twelfth of thirteen, this untethered one,
would understand. So I was put into its crucible,
the crucible of time, meditation & comfort of silence,

quiet, oh so quiet, while she cooked supper, watching.
She was comforted I would not falter finding within.
Touching my eyes, my eyes within, I was sent on my way.
It was okay, I knew ‘where’ I was going, deep within,

no one to stop me, neither man nor angel, up Jacob’s Ladder.
She knew I’d find its beginning place from quiet deep within,
which nothing can disturb in its nascent silence, ready.
And so I began in deep, confident nurture, Procyon mid-Heaven,

revisited a year before she departed unto sweet sleep,
mid-flare of Sol, southward aurora, Procyon’s rays prominent
where I stood remembering Sol rising opposite Cancer,
resplendent Capricorn set upon ascendant. - Jupiter at home,

I was headed home, before I was born, in great exultation…+

--RK, 10:23pm, 6/8/2014

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What does it all mean…

…the silence I mean, the utter quiet I only hear in music’s deep?
Only you can answer that question my very dear friend, from within.
We’ve only known each other for a little while, but still you know…
Yes, you know, and I don’t have to ask, because you’ve listened…

…yes, you’ve listened to the din of quiet in the silence within.+
I see you running softly down the beach, its sands hardly noticing,
also listening to the same quiet I know you hear, listen, listen…
…listen ever so close and you’ll hear it, a distant galaxy of life…

…life all around as vibrant as here, a million light years distant, next to you.
Will you answer in your listening, by you hearing its voice it will know…
…its voice will know you’ve heard in the very same quiet place, within,
each of you knows so very intimately neither would even think to deny.

Sand flies as you run down the beach, making its own very quiet sound…
…its own sound distant galaxy of life hears itself, listening so closely.
Life knows life, many light years distant, love knowing love intimate,
heart to heart nothing can separate, distance being nothing before it.

What do you think it will take for the lion to lay down with the lamb?
Until then, beware the pretty snake bringing gifts… - *selah*
So lie on your side now, quiet in the still water, and listen clear,
because the time is short, but ‘space’ has been made for you within.+

Please don’t walk away now from this great treasure of utter quiet within…
…I know you know its voice from long, long ago, only now remembering…,
but take your time, this time. - For it is about to finally end…
…shhhhhhhh…, Don’t ask who I am, you know already…

I am in the deep silence…

--RK, 1:07am, 6/4/2014