Saturday, June 21, 2014

If it’s love… (sequel)

But for importunity I would never listen, tucked within my quiet deep,
the high soothe of silence none can offer though they hug so very closely.
If it’s love, if it’s love, I must answer your knocking on my heart’s door.
I know your need, but tell me your secrets my neighbor that I may serve.

And if it’s of love, I won’t feel lonely here in my deep quiet place where,
where none need key to enter. - When you knock I must answer in tenderness,
in tender kindness I have come to know as softest silk against my heart.
No broken glass remains here. - I picked up each tiny piece so carefully.

Walk with me now, for we may never have another chance after the morning,
after the mourning of the end of all things in this dark and dank place.
Walk with me now, out of this grey dusk of dim crescent moonlit horizon,
now, not later that we know will never, never come, already gone.+

I see you in a circle of matrix, imprisoned, looking at an open door… - *selah*

--RK, 1:18amEDST, 6/21/2014

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