Saturday, June 14, 2014

(Life) is the color of my true love’s hair…

     [Inspired by Cara Dillon’s Black is the Colour+]

Who called you down from truth’s ramparts, up from its deep fountain
you never sought nor asked of? - I know the answer to my question,
the saddest ever asked of anyone down man’s two+-billion-year canyon.
Its edge, far beyond your myopic horizon you’ll never see, nor know.

Sit down, there’s no need to answer, but now comes the question:
Did you never seek because you never knew you could find (untrue),
or was it because another disquieted you, because truth paramount
was seen so, but only as a fantasy you never received the love for?

Diamond questions, hard to touch, unable to be handled, not now.
It’s too late, so distant late, your last clarion call unheard,
the very one I heard in late 1964 I could not ignore deep within,
because it called me unto heights my deepest memory would never forget.

Remember I did, looking far back down time’s unfathomable hallway,
unstitched with seams, perfect, known, far beyond denial’s unknowing.
Last words to one none can awaken, love for truth, once cast down,
can never again be approached. - Far worse than oblivion now awaits.

We will never remember and it won’t be recorded in this book,
the Book of Remembrance, written by angels who always will,
of only that which called unto eternity’s boundless lap,
unto knowing of things neither flesh nor mind could touch.

Memory only love for truth and nothing less could ever find, lost of you…
Now your last, worst moments begin…, rushing headlong unto end… - *selah*
“All she’s done” falls before your feet into dust of envy unfettered,
hate from nowhere, undesiring to do well, as Cain was gently chided of…

before Able fell of him, never to be forgotten, though Cain not so…
And now I deeply mourn their utter loss when then I cannot… - *bows*
I have no more questions in the oneness found within, beyond the beyond…+

--RK, 7:54pmEDST, 7/14/2014

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