Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Point Consciousness Meditation

A rabbit hole deeper…+

     I am the originator of Point Consciousness Meditation which I independently completed development of in 1970 at age seventeen (within the two years after I achieved pranayama at age fifteen). - It is not just another peripheral type of meditation (such as TM, etc.), but it became the core of all meditation. - What follows are its critical concepts that helped me to reach entirely beyond space/time. - This is heady+ stuff and not to be entered into lightly. - You must have established a lifetime commitment to meditation for the very purpose of finding the truth and nothing less, because that’s where it must begin. - Without receiving the love for the truth and nothing less you will not be able to go any-“where” from within. - As you pursue this your perceptual experiences (which will be quite profound) must be put on a shelf (to be considered later after meditation) as you continue deeper/higher within.+
     If you are a seeker this is a path within ignored only at your loss. - I certainly couldn’t ignore it, because there was no other pathway to be found toward higher/deeper levels of consciousness which can only found from within. - This is serious and must be treated as such. - This is not for entertainment purposes or something you “try” by any means. - “To thine own self be true,”+ within. - I knew, even at age eleven, that there were deeper/higher levels of consciousness far beyond the physical realm of space/time, which is when I began serious meditation in the fall of 1964. - And neither man nor angel could stop me.
     Note: Psychotropics are not necessary for any of this and definitely not recommended by any means. - It would only be a distraction from your otherwise singular pursuit of truth in meditation from within. - [We knew what we were getting then, but now you could well be duped into buying PCP (horse tranquilizer) instead and end up with a very bad, non-"trip." - *Word up!*] - Caveat Emptor!

Consciousness is Independent
     I call a serious difference between simple awareness and consciousness. - Awareness is completely tied to the senses and perception whereas consciousness is entirely independent of it. - Consciousness, as I also discovered, is also independent of space/time. - How is this and why? - Consciousness streams from your spirit and is also independent of the mind/soul, and is the very thing that animates it.
     So this begs the question, What is the soul? - Contrary to “popular opinion” and myth otherwise as a question that can never be answered, the mind/soul is emotion/thought from which springs imagination and is the seat of the will with the ego (hopefully) only as an appendix. - It only has awareness, though it is consciousness which animates it otherwise. - Spirit and soul, therefore, are NOT the same thing by any means, and unless your spirit is germinated in the process of any of this, it will all have been for nothing.+ - *selah*
     Pick a second a few moments ahead of you. - When you get to it, make it an hour. - Then pick a “second” a few moments ahead of you within that “hour” and make it an hour. - Continue doing this, nesting deeper and deeper into time, slicing it up into smaller and smaller “segments” until it simply falls behind you. - This won’t just “happen” and cannot be accomplished in just one session of meditation either. - This is not instant coffee and will certainly take time to be brewed. - As time falls behind you, space will go with it, along with awareness and its attendant senses and perception (thereby leaving your physical self completely behind in “stasis”).+ - Be sure you are not interrupted or disturbed during your meditations.
     By the way, “group meditation” is an oxymoron. - If you’re going to learn to drive a car, you must get behind the wheel yourself. - It cannot be done by “committee.”

Direct Perception
     This is “where” you must develop perception beyond the senses and otherwise awareness. - I call it direct perception. - Direct perception can only be developed in the context of the etheric. - The etheric is a pseudo-dimension which entirely encompasses and suffuses throughout the first five dimensions and is independent of them.
     This begs the question, what is the definition of a dimension then? - It is originally derived from the most ancient esoteric teaching of all time, “As above, so below.” - For a dimension to be a dimension it must be perfectly perpendicular to every other dimension below it. - After one has drawn the x, y and z axes you cannot draw another perpendicular line because all the 90° angles have been taken up. - But, by way of duration, time is emergent as even more perfectly perpendicular than a 90° angle. - Then there is the fifth dimension, which is beyond space and time, again an even more perfect, emergent perpendicularity (“where” black holes/singularities exist+). - This is “where” I found the oneness, absolute and perfect, from within, by way of Point Consciousness Meditation.+
     This is what helped me to isolate and understand just what consciousness itself really was, beyond otherwise simple awareness. - And this was critical to know before I could continue my pursuit deep within.+

The Psychedelic Connection+
     I had developed/originated Point Consciousness Meditation before in the mid- to late 1960s. - And even after much experience there, I found that Aldous Huxley’s “Doors of Perception” was only a distraction, because what I had discovered was entirely beyond perception (through the physical senses) itself, unto direct perception in the etheric.
     And this is what eventually led me to the Mystery itself, finding the source of consciousness, which streams from ones spirit. - So I followed upstream, focusing on nothing else, until…

This is where I must leave it, because from here you are on your own. - I can only hope this has lit a fire under you to pursue truth and nothing less which can only be done from within. - “If thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light.”+ - [This means the entire electromagnetic spectrum, not just visible light. - If you were to make it into a film strip, it would be 2,500 miles long, with the visible part of the spectrum only being one frame, but this is about things spiritual otherwise.]
     If you are new to this, then you will have questions. - I do not charge for teaching meditation, so don’t hesitate to contact me, because I know you will have questions, which I can answer, no matter how profound they may be for you. - (Scroll for my Profile in the right column on this page.)
     It’s not about money. - It’s not about ego. - And it’s not about physical perception. - It’s about the Mystery, within. - *selah*

--RK, 8:34amEST, 11/11/2014


  1. How many hours do you meditate daily?

    1. By the time I was in my mid-20s, my time in meditation had been so intense at depth and in great length, that my meditation itself spilled over into the whole of my life. - Since then, I have remained in deep Samadhi, day & night, asleep or awake, dreaming or not. - In hindsight, it could not have otherwise developed from the intense push I maintained deep within. - I made it through the threshold, with no turning back. - Why should I leave my consciousness in the physical, emotional or mental levels where their horizons are so near, when I can have that which is beyond infinity, what my 1st X called The Beyond the Beyond. - In her own way she understood. —RK


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