Friday, November 28, 2014

Lost call behind the waterfall…

     “Give me your autograph…” - (in my neutrino detector…, deep down).

She never heard me call…, behind the waterfall.
Empty and sad, never known, now so long gone.
Everything was peachy keen, under neutrino-fall.
Castles in the distance begged intrepid ’splorers.

I need to be myself. - Can I ride in your 4x4?
Can I have your autograph in your helicopter?
Another ghostly passage, beautiful young, passing on.
I’m feelin’ supersonic… in my yellow submarine.

I’m not sure she was ever there, only whiz of electrons.
She never heard my call, from behind the waterfall…
And no one can tell her what I’m on about, within.
Everything was peachy keen, then, under the fall,

distant ghostly castles…, dank in dark of dusk…, undaunted…+

--RK, 7:40pmEST, 11/28/2014
     “No[one] can ever hear him call…”

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