Sunday, November 23, 2014

Don’t mess around…, kiss the world…

     …where I want to be in first of three strikes, meteorite storm next.

…good bye, forever
It’s never been all I’ve ever known.
Eleven years old, I left it far, far behind.
Follow me inside. - For I know where I’ve been
and where I’m going, always, ever deeper…

Go with me “where” the world never will, high,
mountains and ramparts of the sun no barrier,
just an hard climb. - Strap on your spikes
for the deepest, most exhilarating climb
of your entire life, high, so deep within.

No recall, no turning around now, not now.
You’re committed. - And all you want is truth,
the truth and nothing less, never any fantasy,
the only thing the world has to offer,
offering taste of lies reeking of the dank

of darkness on your tongue you want no more,
terribly fouled in “savour” of kiss murdered.+
Move on, lie not about, not now, no, not now.
You have far to go with little left of time,
this time, in this time of Earth’s fouling,

and no-“where” else to go, but within…, deep.
   *selah* - You know better

--RK, 11:52pmEST, 11/22/2014
   "The signs [are] everywhere…"+

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