Tuesday, January 22, 2019

You NEVER looked…

A sad, old man, I am…, still…, in that quiet place
I found when I was just nine…, quiet, undisturbed
in my pursuit of truth, undeterred…, by ANY one.
My path not one I’ve known ever took…, for truth.

For sake of truth alone, I deeply pursued its limits,
its essence, not just facts or where else they led.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained, but in great pain…
At last, all found which was lost…, never sought.

No, you cannot end my sadness, for you never loved truth,
not this much, this much as I have, so keenly focused
that no one could deter me in what I knew I could find,
but only deep within, nowhere else to look, but found.

Still I pursue nuance of truth, beyond grasp of many,
and revelations continue unabated…, and gladly…

Where do you find yourself in this world’s chaotic morass,
seeing nothing otherwise found only within…, so utterly blind?
Your desitution, your misunderstood isolation, only draws death,
death you’ll never be ready for, always dismissing its imperative.

When it’s all finished, no one will seek after you, for NO ONE
will know you ever existed…, with all your hopes & desires.
I only wish I could help, but you will have none of it,
myself having tried too many times…, you only abeying.

Sad the world is all there is to you, though was never to me. - •selah•

7:25pmEST (UT/GMT -5) 1/19/2019

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