Thursday, September 12, 2019

Hem of His Garment…

She gently held me still a moment,
knowing my need to listen so closely.
At first I’d thought no, but later I understood.
I had pushed too hard, misunderstanding.

Then I remembered Josh Garrels’ “Revelator.
And I understood her devotion’s great depth.
“If I could just touch the hem of His garment.”
spoken in earnest, knowing faith would answer.

Time for the teacher to listen to his student,
whose heart learned well, enough to face me
in clear depth of her love’s origin I knew not.
Though disappointed in dismay & disapproval,

Her heart had always been in the right place,
waiting her turn to sway mine unto her own.
An untold grace, unexpected, stood me still
before her, in tears, finally understanding.

Lesson well-taught, well-learned of her
bringing water of restoration and joy.
I befeel her heart lept beyond my own,
though I launched myself into the Universe

farther than any unto utter loneness.
In the deep quiet there, I reached out
and first found her with the same
love for truth and nothing less,

which sealed our friendship in faith
before Him in devotion of worship only
He could bring in revelation’s depth unto
two hearts so close, though so far between.

2:21amEDST (UT/GMT -4) 9/12/2019
     I’m glad I listened.

Monday, February 4, 2019

No one…

No one can trifle my countenance,
myself included, not in presence.
Sad they cannot apprehend long
tracks of creases all across.

One who may, only finds pain,
pain of many days, languishing,
“friends” gone, family blind,
blind of who I am…, unknown.

A glance back the long road,
I see nothing else to know,
save desolation of the lost,
all in their last anguishes.

I’ve done all I could,
no one paid any mind,
though I held treasure,
great treasure unknown.

It was a trifle to them,
with no idea of Eternity
and its reflection through
and through…, undeniable.

This great sadness, though,
will not follow me “there,”
for it simply can not.
So, will I walk into light,

Never seen of them again,
not even dust left of them
who would not…, be known
in truth of the Eternal. - •selah•

11:13pmEST (UT/GMT -5) 2/3/2019

     Will you ever listen?+

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

You NEVER looked…

A sad, old man, I am…, still…, in that quiet place
I found when I was just nine…, quiet, undisturbed
in my pursuit of truth, undeterred…, by ANY one.
My path not one I’ve known ever took…, for truth.

For sake of truth alone, I deeply pursued its limits,
its essence, not just facts or where else they led.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained, but in great pain…
At last, all found which was lost…, never sought.

No, you cannot end my sadness, for you never loved truth,
not this much, this much as I have, so keenly focused
that no one could deter me in what I knew I could find,
but only deep within, nowhere else to look, but found.

Still I pursue nuance of truth, beyond grasp of many,
and revelations continue unabated…, and gladly…

Where do you find yourself in this world’s chaotic morass,
seeing nothing otherwise found only within…, so utterly blind?
Your desitution, your misunderstood isolation, only draws death,
death you’ll never be ready for, always dismissing its imperative.

When it’s all finished, no one will seek after you, for NO ONE
will know you ever existed…, with all your hopes & desires.
I only wish I could help, but you will have none of it,
myself having tried too many times…, you only abeying.

Sad the world is all there is to you, though was never to me. - •selah•

7:25pmEST (UT/GMT -5) 1/19/2019

     Will you hear the message?+

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Just one small glimmer…

     Will you listen…, just a little while?

Too shallow for the depths, she folded in grip of fear.
Nothing I could do…, her fear unexpected…, I stood back
as she withdrew into the blackness…, unlike the deep.

And so go many young…, sans nurture…, into the abyss,
oblivious…, for no one told them of the great light beyond.
And so they go…, lost…, unreachable…, out of sight.

So much I could have done for them, but alas…,
many of evil take hateful toll…, unwelcome,
unwelcome by the shores of the river Styx.

Still, there are many others I can help,
if they don’t discount the depths, yes,
the ones that are reachable…, real.

Somehow they think it is all fantasy,
so its deeper reality is lost to them.
If I could show them just one brief glimpse,

just one, I know I could help them. - •wan sigh•

--RK, 11:52pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 3/7/2016
     There’s so much I could tell you…, so listen
     a while for your deep home…, from within.+

Thursday, March 3, 2016

I have my own time machine…,

     “Something…, calls to me. - I’ve got to find out why.”

…and you know what? - It really works rather well.
All I have to do is sit in my imagination’s chair, but
I don’t allow it to do the work. - It’s my trampoline.
It doesn’t like being used to open doors it cannot.

You see, that’s the trick, if you understand it.
That’s right, I’ve been here a very long time and
I’ve learned how to shut it up and use it as a tool.
It works quite wonderfully actually…, and then,

then there’s drift. - Using billiard “English,”
there are many different things you can do,
but we won’t go there, because far more vital
issues await in dire need to be addressed.

Time is important, but its subjective perception
can be manipulated, though not time itself. - So,
if you see what I mean, from “there” I could find
my next step…, with all the time I needed.

It’s not that I was way ahead of you, but that you
were far behind “when” you couldn’t catch up.
It’s okay, I won’t take advantage of ignorance, rather
of knowledge you never wanted to pursue…, uncaring.

You never reached for time’s “finish line,”+ all
your own doing, leaving me far ahead…, alone.
But I’m in good company of angels who are quite
unencumbered with time…, for they work beyond it.

I know this…, for I climb their same ladder.+ - •selah•

--RK, 1:26amEST (UT/GMT -5), 3/3/2016
     “Something… calls to me…, the trees are drawing me near…,
       …now I’m on my way.”+

Monday, February 29, 2016

Are you listening…

     …really listening to the softest of  “sounds”
     only the few can hear…, from deep within?

I can only hope…, for all else is falsehood & worse.
I hope you understand the world’s “news” is all a lie.
If you assign the world any veracity at all…, you’re lost.
Step back…, take another, deeper look…, to see the lies.

They’re lying far worse than you can believe.
We’re all near history’s last precipice, its worst time.
I may or may not be here then…, but some of you will.
I offer hope for you to endure…, for it won’t last long.

So stand back…, from within…, understanding that faith
answers faith…, doubt cast aside long ago…, forgotten.
If you’re on the path now from deep within toward truth,
don’t you slow down! - It’s nearer than you believe!

Yes…, the fulfillment of all things…, in final apocalypse
soon to pass before us…, in wonder…, just before time’s end.
Yes, time’s long spell will not last & many will not
be able to pass beyond the wall at its close…, soon now.

Just be sure you’re ready…, for very few will be. - •selah•

--RK, 10:44pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 2/28/2015
     I hope you’re closely watching recent events,
     listening even
more closely otherwise, from deep within.
     Ask yourself how it is I know these things.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Don’t tell the secrets…,

     …not the ones everyone already knows.

So, what to do now? - The word’s out, but no one’s listening.
“Have you heard,” as the Moody Blues asked? - I don’t see it.
This being true means many, many are terribly lost…, abandoned.
Our dire need for truth left many behind, for they were made late.

And who made them late, but those who programmed them,
yes, programmed them against truth they desperately needed.
So tell the real truth…, every secret to free them all.
Otherwise evil will rise to vanquish all unto darkness.

So…, one at a time I’ve worked to help seekers,
since 1971, to look deep within, the only “place”
“where” truth can be found. - This I do know.
What do you know? - Have you sought unto knowing?

I think not, for all I’ve seen is desperation otherwise. - •selah•

--RK, 10:57pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 2/27/2016
     Seek unto awakening…, or acquiesce unto destruction.+

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

At home in the surreal…

     Phantasmagorical it may seem, though real nevertheless.
     Nothing new here to me…, except for you, so…

…at home in this surreal, I find comfort, knowing,
yes…, truly understanding its “unreality” to others,
others who have no ken of such things…, babes.
Ancient…, nothing new under the sun to me.

Follow along, catch up…, for there is much here,
so much here to discover…, to learn, to leap from,
to leap high, deep within, the only “place” to go,
only finding rabbit trails elsewhere…, to nowhere.

Seek after the joy of deep discovery that I have…, unleashed.
See its embedded quintessential+ wisdom the world cannot know.
Understand you may be unaccompanied here…, though not alone.
Relax…, compose yourself in comfort, in peace unrealized…, for release.

Find yourself at home…, a place you’ve yet to be. - •selah•

--RK, 10:44pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 2/24/2016
     Come home to the surreal, beyond “reality.”+

Monday, February 22, 2016

What meaneth these things?

     Contrived, or is it real?

What meaneth these things? - Is art contrivance?
Some are real, but what’s between the furtive images?
I lose myself inbetween where meaning is found,
unspoken in the art, the music…, the surreal.

If you search not meaning in art’s presence,
you miss its entire message…, even if you
recognize seemingly fleet images of the surreal.
If you look not deeper…, then do not look,

for it is pearls before swine…, turn away. - •selah•

--RK, 7:29pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 2/22/2016
     What say you…, you who search not the depths?
     Its deep mystery is forever lost to you,
     for in its enigma…, you are not found.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pursuit of the Confessor

     Leaving all behind…
     “I arose in time of trouble and suffering,” seeking evil’s vanquish.

You think they don’t pursue me? - Oh, but they do.
They have no idea just how far behind they are.
In their sights I did not hide…, way beyond.
In flank against them, they were bewildered.

Of a sudden I was out of distant sight.
Past the barrier, I was home…, not them.
Encamped…, they had nothing to plan from.
Meanwhile I moved on…, far beyond their ken.

Here to take your confession…, I am not your priest,
but I am the seeker in your pursuit against truth.
Hate has no reason…, we know this. — Why don’t you?
We know why…, for all you have is rebellion,

your most cherished lying possession against you.
Still you pursue against the barrier…, the one,
yes…, the one you know you cannot cross.
I know you cannot…, not with hate.

And so we fade in the distance…, never looking back.
The rest of my story I cannot speak of.
My nails are dirty…, but what did I do wrong?
I know of the counted shadows… - •selah•

--RK, 10:13pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 2/17/2016
     You have your answer, the very one
     I can only ever speak of.+