Monday, February 4, 2019

No one…

No one can trifle my countenance,
myself included, not in presence.
Sad they cannot apprehend long
tracks of creases all across.

One who may, only finds pain,
pain of many days, languishing,
“friends” gone, family blind,
blind of who I am…, unknown.

A glance back the long road,
I see nothing else to know,
save desolation of the lost,
all in their last anguishes.

I’ve done all I could,
no one paid any mind,
though I held treasure,
great treasure unknown.

It was a trifle to them,
with no idea of Eternity
and its reflection through
and through…, undeniable.

This great sadness, though,
will not follow me “there,”
for it simply can not.
So, will I walk into light,

Never seen of them again,
not even dust left of them
who would not…, be known
in truth of the Eternal. - •selah•

11:13pmEST (UT/GMT -5) 2/3/2019

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