Thursday, January 29, 2015

I’ll settle down now…

I know you’ve heard me, even half-way ’round Earth.
I need not know you now, but I know you’re ready.
So quiet yourself…, even deeper in your own matrix,
deep down, within your most earnest place, inside.

Shhh…, - It’s okay, we’re alone now…, seeking.
I’ve always looked beyond maya of existence,
and I’ve always thought of you, looking to help.
I can’t do this alone, though I have for so long.

Walk with me, having found the oneness, understanding
within as the only “place” to find truth’s depths,
its mysteries, always calling us from down within.
Let us stand upon its threshold, leaning forward…,

…into its depths, now revealed, not so far away,
not so far away at all, already inside us…, close,
touching our most intimate places, our breath,
our heart, our very souls, now ready to depart,

ready to depart unto deep vistas unexplored,
but seen from afar with enhanced inner vision,
toward the very base of the mountains of the sun.
Then, beyond its ramparts, we launch unto Mystery…,

the Mystery itself, the very mystery of us, revealed.
Here we leave behind every tear, every sorrow,
with hope fulfilled beyond time’s deep dark,
that we now easily leave way…, way behind,

unto eternity, beyond infinity’s edge, long-forgotten…

--RK, 9:17pmEST, 1/29/2015

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fandangle’s matrix…

     I did my homework from deep within.
        I hope you’ve done yours.

“I skipped the light fandangle…,”
& turned cartwheels far beyond thought.
I’d found what I’d been looking for.
It’d always been there, calling me gently.

I heard it in 1964. - Eleven, I was waiting,
looking, having found my own quiet place,
the quiet place inside mom showed me,
though she never said a word except…,

“Sit down, be quiet, close your eyes,
put your hands in your lap, no fidgeting,
no looking around and sit straight.”
Three years old then, and by nine…

I found my own quiet place within,
deep, where no one else could go but me.
I knew, I knew, this was where to begin,
where to begin my search for truth…, and

nothing less. - I left all darkness behind,
only to skip the light fandangle…, within,
in my own place of quiet, deep, undisturbed,
in my search for truth’s greatest mysteries,

with the whole world left so, so far behind.
Though young, I had no misgivings at all,
with deep, unspoken assurance from within,
from inside my own womb, mom's matrix,

with nothing but the light fandangle shining,
shining so very brightly there…, listening,
listening to her heartbeats, her breathing,
her sighs, her grief, her mourning for loss,

knowing I was the one she’d lost before,
though this time, yes, this time…, I would
skip the light fandangle beyond all things,
from so very deep within her great love.

We both knew, never needing to speak of it,
her tears, of joy and grief, were only ours,
our own whiter shade of pale, and we’d both…
skipped the light fandangle, together, finally…

There was no reason, no reason for my eyes,
no reason for my eyes to be closed, this time.
Then her eyes turned a whiter shade of pale…,
taking my name with her, hailing high within,

…knowing, absolutely knowing, I’d soon follow. - *selah*

--RK, 9:33pmEST, 1/24/2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dialogue Cafe

     So…, let’s begin the dialogue, shall we?

And so it is, as we start with my friend Zachary
     initiating the discussion.+ - (Add your comments below.)

--RK, 6:07amEST, 1/22/2015
     [Click picture for twenty-minute, three-video playlist.]

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

In love perfect…

…I mourn for what had been,
on a far saner planet than here.
No fences and many, many who cared deeply.
Friendships unenvied by such as this sick society.

I mourn for what I knew and can’t find here,
when there, was no thought of even looking,
when it was ever at hand, heart to heart,
on that planet of platinum, golden rule of love.

I mourn with whom sing of my heart here, unknowing,
crashing me down in deepest of sorrow,
but here for final reasons, for few who have sought
and found what, easy there, was only found in suffering

here, where I had to come, to help in hope
that faith wouldn’t die for the most precious,
whose hearts, in cruel crucible, hardships many,
would soar higher than ever, in answer…

     …with overcoming faith in love perfected.

--RK, 10/4/07

Monday, January 19, 2015

Not for the faint of heart…

     Definitely not for the faint of heart: Prickly surreal like you’ve never seen!

Disclaimer: Do not view this playlist of six videos!
       I repeat: Do not view this playlist of six videos,
      unless you’re ready for what you’re not ready for!
      Even so, you sure better fasten your dadgum seatbelt ! ! !
      (You’re going to need four hours set aside, too!)

No, no, I kid you not! - It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen!

*Word up!* - Get ready for…

The Lost Room

--RK, 7:24pm, 1/19/2015

Friday, January 16, 2015

No, no, no, no, no…

No, you don’t want to get rid of me just yet!
I’ve many stories, far beyond mystery, untold.
Indeed I’ve been places, you’ve never been…, yet.
If you want to hear of it, you’ll have to listen.

To whom will it be told, yet unheard, eh?
Well, I’ve been places you’ve never been.
So you’ll have to listen, really listen,
like you’ve never done, even from a child.

So quiet yourself now, keen your mind,
because what’s next is beyond your ken.
No, no, no, no no, I’m not playin’, not now,
not this time, not in this place…
so dearly close within, so soft…, so near.

Relax, it’s okay, I’ve been here long, so…
long, before all things, and I’ve been watching.
I’ve seen your misgivings, your doubt, wondering…
But ’cha’ gotta’ know, it’s for real this time.

Because I’m not goin’ anywhere, not from here,
not from here, within, within so precious,
so near to whom you are, right there inside,
inside you, so dear, avoided in anguish.

Please tell me, please, that you can hear me…
so I can help you release the pain, so you can fly…

--RK, 11:31pmEST, 1/15/2015

Thursday, January 15, 2015


     Thinking is not knowing and neither is thought knowledge, just lies.
      “Trip the darkness, one more time…”

I don’t believe you any more than you do.
Somewhere deep in the night, you and I know,
yeah, we know it’s just not true, never was,
what you continue to tell yourself, and me, too.

I know you know better, but you stubbornly refuse
to admit what we both know is true: you’re lying,
lying to the one you’ve convinced yourself to believe,
and that would be you friend. - I know it’s true.

And you know it. - What’re you gonna’ do now?
I’ve told the truth you won’t tell yourself.
If you don’t admit the veil of self-lies,
you will never let yourself pass beyond.

And if you don’t, you’ll never be able to,
continuing to believe what you know never was…
Within is there, undeniable, though you deny.
Pass through the veil now, or lose your soul,

because beyond the veil it waits, head in hands,
hoping you’ll lay aside what the world gave you,
nothing but lies, lies all this time you’ve believed.
Ya’ gotta’ wake up, for time’s end is soon away.

And one day your lies, the world’s, will be known,
and you’ll never know what’s on the other side,
far past within, within you, never explored,
when it was there inside you the whole time.

I pray the scales fall from your eyes, now.
Otherwise then, I’ll never know you ever were…

   Ya’ gotta’ “Break on through to the other side.”+

--RK, 5:02amEST, 1/15/2015
     …and thinking’s never going to let on either.
      Go within, or go without, in every sense of that phrase.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Into the dark…,

     [Into the dark, into the night, under the stars…]

…though bright here, darkness all around, I see…
And in this brightness you’re blind, unseeing…
I wish I could help you, but the scales on your eyes,
no one ever told you faith could remove them…, easily.

I’ve been here long, deep in brightness midst black.
I’m at home, no one accosts me, no one approaches.
None know I’m here, deep, deep within the utter quiet.
*shhh*…, listen, listen close, so very closely,

and you can hear it, but it…, it’s not sound in air.
Rather waves coursing through the etheric to you,
reflection, resonance, of lethal experimentation.
You know, E=mc2 but, this time,
this time,

…it’s worse, far worse. - I’ve been hearing it for a while,
from within their darkness, as they probe, high decibels
stopping us in our tracks, while we listen so closely,
intently keen to trace the source, with no etheric origin.

Still they probe, and we “hear” their soundings’ pierce,
piercing the ‘veil’ between awareness and consciousness,
but to no avail. - They don’t have the tools, the tools
of direct perception, only metal and crystal, no prana.

And so it is, they will never penetrate etheric’s veil,
because there are no yardsticks here, not where measure,
where measure is irrelevant, when it comes to the deep,
the deep of greater reality, beyond space/time, beyond

matter and energy, and not everything quantum “here”…
Go with me then, into the light, beyond emptiness in unknowable black,
while we leave their high decibel forays far, far behind in murk,
for within, within is beyond all things, past the ramparts,

ramparts of the sun, scaled in great difficulty, only at first…
- *selah*

--RK, 12:29amEST, 1/13/2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dive in…

     [Shhh…, this time ya’ gotta’ listen real close,
this is the moment, your final chance.]

You know the drill, but cha’ gotta’ drill deeper this time.
So, let’s try this again a better way you can understand.
Going within, you’re only going deeper within yourself,
not some strange place, though you’ve never been there.

Let’s call it the dive meditation, but this time backward.+
Yes, picture yourself ‘standing’ in free space, no gravity,+
and every move you make will only have inertia you’ve given.
So, tilt your head back, close your eyes and lean back.

See yourself falling quickly deeper, enfolding within yourself.
It’s okay, you’re not going anywhere that’s not you, only
where you’ve never looked before, seeking deepest treasure,
treasure that is yours alone, no one elses, deep in your mystery.

Then remember, remember, because you’ve been here before,
just not this time, in this life, so relax, these memories
are yours alone. - So quiet yourself, and listen keenly,
probing this “new” place you knew before, forgotten.

And let me introduce you, to you, who and “where” you are,
deep within yourself, neither unwelcome nor daunting,
but only you, no one else. - Discover it now, or lose it…
in time’s murk of perception’s fog+, lying low against you.

You had to know it’s always been there within, waiting on you.
So, why haven’t you settled yourself to go within, in deep quiet
that lays waste to anything before you, including Pink Floyd’s
The Wall? - No need for trepidation, not toward within…

Pull out all the stops and dive, dive inward. - Lean backward,
eyes closed, knowing where you’re going, only closer to you,
“there” where you can finally remember all things forgotten,
things I’d forgotten myself, until I dove in deep and…

finally, finally, finally remembered all of love left behind, then,
yes, then when my soul slept, waiting for transmigration, here,
here to help you, among many seekers of truth and nothing less,
which this world cares nothing at all for…, though beyond gold,

deeper than gold, its treasure far beyond enough to enrapture you,
even unto the gates of heaven itself, if you sharply keen for truth…,
and nothing less. - *selah*+

--RK, 12:02amEST, 1/8/2015 — New Format: 1/9/2016
     …too many left behind, lost already…, within unknown.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Transcendant Spacedrumming…

Transcendant space drumming you will not forget.+

--RK, 11:59pmEST, 12/31/2014