Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fandangle’s matrix…

     I did my homework from deep within.
        I hope you’ve done yours.

“I skipped the light fandangle…,”
& turned cartwheels far beyond thought.
I’d found what I’d been looking for.
It’d always been there, calling me gently.

I heard it in 1964. - Eleven, I was waiting,
looking, having found my own quiet place,
the quiet place inside mom showed me,
though she never said a word except…,

“Sit down, be quiet, close your eyes,
put your hands in your lap, no fidgeting,
no looking around and sit straight.”
Three years old then, and by nine…

I found my own quiet place within,
deep, where no one else could go but me.
I knew, I knew, this was where to begin,
where to begin my search for truth…, and

nothing less. - I left all darkness behind,
only to skip the light fandangle…, within,
in my own place of quiet, deep, undisturbed,
in my search for truth’s greatest mysteries,

with the whole world left so, so far behind.
Though young, I had no misgivings at all,
with deep, unspoken assurance from within,
from inside my own womb, mom's matrix,

with nothing but the light fandangle shining,
shining so very brightly there…, listening,
listening to her heartbeats, her breathing,
her sighs, her grief, her mourning for loss,

knowing I was the one she’d lost before,
though this time, yes, this time…, I would
skip the light fandangle beyond all things,
from so very deep within her great love.

We both knew, never needing to speak of it,
her tears, of joy and grief, were only ours,
our own whiter shade of pale, and we’d both…
skipped the light fandangle, together, finally…

There was no reason, no reason for my eyes,
no reason for my eyes to be closed, this time.
Then her eyes turned a whiter shade of pale…,
taking my name with her, hailing high within,

…knowing, absolutely knowing, I’d soon follow. - *selah*

--RK, 9:33pmEST, 1/24/2015

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