Thursday, March 3, 2016

I have my own time machine…,

     “Something…, calls to me. - I’ve got to find out why.”

…and you know what? - It really works rather well.
All I have to do is sit in my imagination’s chair, but
I don’t allow it to do the work. - It’s my trampoline.
It doesn’t like being used to open doors it cannot.

You see, that’s the trick, if you understand it.
That’s right, I’ve been here a very long time and
I’ve learned how to shut it up and use it as a tool.
It works quite wonderfully actually…, and then,

then there’s drift. - Using billiard “English,”
there are many different things you can do,
but we won’t go there, because far more vital
issues await in dire need to be addressed.

Time is important, but its subjective perception
can be manipulated, though not time itself. - So,
if you see what I mean, from “there” I could find
my next step…, with all the time I needed.

It’s not that I was way ahead of you, but that you
were far behind “when” you couldn’t catch up.
It’s okay, I won’t take advantage of ignorance, rather
of knowledge you never wanted to pursue…, uncaring.

You never reached for time’s “finish line,”+ all
your own doing, leaving me far ahead…, alone.
But I’m in good company of angels who are quite
unencumbered with time…, for they work beyond it.

I know this…, for I climb their same ladder.+ - •selah•

--RK, 1:26amEST (UT/GMT -5), 3/3/2016
     “Something… calls to me…, the trees are drawing me near…,
       …now I’m on my way.”+

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