Thursday, January 29, 2015

I’ll settle down now…

I know you’ve heard me, even half-way ’round Earth.
I need not know you now, but I know you’re ready.
So quiet yourself…, even deeper in your own matrix,
deep down, within your most earnest place, inside.

Shhh…, - It’s okay, we’re alone now…, seeking.
I’ve always looked beyond maya of existence,
and I’ve always thought of you, looking to help.
I can’t do this alone, though I have for so long.

Walk with me, having found the oneness, understanding
within as the only “place” to find truth’s depths,
its mysteries, always calling us from down within.
Let us stand upon its threshold, leaning forward…,

…into its depths, now revealed, not so far away,
not so far away at all, already inside us…, close,
touching our most intimate places, our breath,
our heart, our very souls, now ready to depart,

ready to depart unto deep vistas unexplored,
but seen from afar with enhanced inner vision,
toward the very base of the mountains of the sun.
Then, beyond its ramparts, we launch unto Mystery…,

the Mystery itself, the very mystery of us, revealed.
Here we leave behind every tear, every sorrow,
with hope fulfilled beyond time’s deep dark,
that we now easily leave way…, way behind,

unto eternity, beyond infinity’s edge, long-forgotten…

--RK, 9:17pmEST, 1/29/2015

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