Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tears, hope, faith & answers

Secrets, like questions, have them;
now that you know, what will you do?

Buried in the right questions; so too,
secrets, the right ones, also.

This is your key, but you need the right
one to make it through death and entrance

to eternal life through faith, not pointless survival.
Deeper ones live, if your hope knows . . .

--"IATW,TT&TL" . . .


My heart weeps, empty
nest syndrome sets in.
The most precious person
in my life has taken flight.
The lonelinesss and isolation
create a sense of melancholy.
Desperate to rationalize
his absence has to be . . .

   --written by special guest blogger, ML on 6/22/07
   (entered by MayarOwl 6/26/07)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mashed potatoes

Waves of confusion flutter the gates
of the mind, creating a fortress of solitude
that cannot be penetrated,

Seeking answers among rushing thoughts
that wisp through but never really stop.
Afterward, no answers that make sense,
like a carousel that never stops,

like a turbulent storm that creates havoc,
doing the best you can to grasp
a single thought that makes sense,

then a serene calm . . .

   --written by special guest blogger, ML on 6/12/07
   (entered by MayarOwl 6/16/07)


Dark beams come flooding the beaches
of the infantile mind, not comprehending
the source from whence it came,
flying high to the pinnacle of consciousness,

doomed to repeat the ongoing ebony blanket,
crazed and searching the plains for one
bit of truth, not finding any hope,

only now . . .

   --written by special guest blogger, ML on 6/12/07
   (entered by MayarOwl 6/16/07)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

All is vanity . . .

Soft tendrils of silky narcissism+ . . .
wrap you around, like a cocoon.+

Never reaching chrysalis,+ you're stuck,
wondering why nothing fundamental changes.
The world for you, is a comfort . . .

Eternity urges from within,+ unable to penetrate
thin but powerful veil, covering eyes of unreason
that won't see, even though you know it's true.

You shuttle again to the mirror,
avoiding pupils of beautifully irised+ eyes . . .


Friday, June 8, 2007

Love . . . or infatuation

Sometimes it is hard to understand how the human mind and heart works. Emotions have been known to play games on people.

     You may think you love someone, but as time goes on, you may realize what you thought was love, was in reality, infatuation.

     Everyone has been infatuated at one time or another in their lifetime. We have to be careful how we interpret our feelings in the beginning, because if we don't put our feelings in the proper perspective, we may lose sight of our true feelings.

     Often we've heard, 'take it one day at at time,' but it should be taken one moment and one feeling at a time. Then think about it, make sure before you move on, because sometimes we move too fast and find out we 'thought' we have loved, and wind up hurting the other person, if they truly loved us.

     Love is a very 'special' emotion. True love is an emotion that doesn't change form. Often we've heard that there is a fine line between love and hate, not true!

     That concept is a result of anger that stems from jealousy, not hate. Once we understand the true concept of love, infatuation seems childish . . .

   --written by special guest blogger, ML
     ...a few decades back...
   (entered by MayarOwl 6/8/07)

Fantasy . . . or reality

As I sit here, alone, in the midst of these four lonely walls, I think of our first evening together. I remember the first time our eyes met, unaware that it was destined for us to meet. The warmth and tenderness you portrayed that evening, created such an emotional arousal within me that I have never experienced before.

     Experiencing the throbbing pangs of desire, to know you ultimately and to the highest limitations known to mankind. Our spiritual beings, trying to find each other, unaware of the obstacles and limitations that stand in our way of the desire to want, love, need and care that we both yearn for.

     Ours is the beginning of a journey to new heights and experiences that any two people could reach in a lifetime. A person to share things with, trust in and care about is what everyone desires, and we are no exception.

     To look into your eyes, is like exploring something completely unknown, wondering if it is fantasy or reality, feeling totally complete just to be near you.

     To look into your eyes, I feel completely hypnotized, compelled and willing to do whatever you desire, hoping you will always be there when I need that "Special Someone"... Whenever... intimacy between two people who want nothing else, except each other... no matter what . . . .

   --written by special guest blogger, ML
     ...a few decades ago...
   (entered by MayarOwl 6/8/07)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I'll take your coffee cup, honey . . .

Last saw her stepping into the kitchen . . .

There weren't any fences between us.
Everyone made sure children behaved,
discipline problem almost never seen.
Time ran same direction, clock hands counterclockwise.

Large library/study one step below
rest of house a little bigger. Books
stacked high on every wall, desk other end
from kitchen entrance to house across

from back door. Saelach had visited
with students' essays to be reviewed
earlier that evening. References checked,
I knew it was my last evening and

finally laid head on folded arms to depart . . .+


Monday, June 4, 2007

Ring of truth

I can't help it if you . . .

didn't know, weren't told & didn't look.
You brought it on yourself, because
you couldn't not know, and knew it.

You played the education 'game,' even college;
and you still didn't look, already knowing
what you'd find. Hiding in the crowd,

joining group-think, you steeled yourself
purposefully against inevitable destruction
knowing time would run out for you

up against oblivion . . .


3/4s to the end . . .

of life, elation, epiphany and that
which was almost not found.
Now I must be patient, hoping to help others
see that it's not 'out there' anywhere,

but rather only within. Yes, I understand
there is great beauty showing forth
our Creator's glory, but it is not
what is to be found from within.

Spent much time in exultation from
epiphany to epiphany, from glory to glory
of His creation, especially in the deeper,
higher levels of consciousness; but

there came the time I knew would,
when I would have to dig in deeper, still,
for the Great Mystery hidden only
to those who had not perfect love.

And when found, was greatest treasure of all,
though not as the world would count treasure.
9/10s to the end now, so close to eternity . . .