Monday, June 4, 2007

3/4s to the end . . .

of life, elation, epiphany and that
which was almost not found.
Now I must be patient, hoping to help others
see that it's not 'out there' anywhere,

but rather only within. Yes, I understand
there is great beauty showing forth
our Creator's glory, but it is not
what is to be found from within.

Spent much time in exultation from
epiphany to epiphany, from glory to glory
of His creation, especially in the deeper,
higher levels of consciousness; but

there came the time I knew would,
when I would have to dig in deeper, still,
for the Great Mystery hidden only
to those who had not perfect love.

And when found, was greatest treasure of all,
though not as the world would count treasure.
9/10s to the end now, so close to eternity . . .


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  1. This reminds me that it is great to bask in God's glory on the mountain but we must aslo go into the vally to teach and worship the one and only true God..


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