Friday, June 8, 2007

Love . . . or infatuation

Sometimes it is hard to understand how the human mind and heart works. Emotions have been known to play games on people.

     You may think you love someone, but as time goes on, you may realize what you thought was love, was in reality, infatuation.

     Everyone has been infatuated at one time or another in their lifetime. We have to be careful how we interpret our feelings in the beginning, because if we don't put our feelings in the proper perspective, we may lose sight of our true feelings.

     Often we've heard, 'take it one day at at time,' but it should be taken one moment and one feeling at a time. Then think about it, make sure before you move on, because sometimes we move too fast and find out we 'thought' we have loved, and wind up hurting the other person, if they truly loved us.

     Love is a very 'special' emotion. True love is an emotion that doesn't change form. Often we've heard that there is a fine line between love and hate, not true!

     That concept is a result of anger that stems from jealousy, not hate. Once we understand the true concept of love, infatuation seems childish . . .

   --written by special guest blogger, ML
     ...a few decades back...
   (entered by MayarOwl 6/8/07)


  1. This 'take it a day at a time" always seemed quite foolish to me as well, and the way you put it clarified for me your dedication to be true to yourself, others and to love itself. - *bowing*

  2. cool! LaVoice


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