Friday, June 8, 2007

Fantasy . . . or reality

As I sit here, alone, in the midst of these four lonely walls, I think of our first evening together. I remember the first time our eyes met, unaware that it was destined for us to meet. The warmth and tenderness you portrayed that evening, created such an emotional arousal within me that I have never experienced before.

     Experiencing the throbbing pangs of desire, to know you ultimately and to the highest limitations known to mankind. Our spiritual beings, trying to find each other, unaware of the obstacles and limitations that stand in our way of the desire to want, love, need and care that we both yearn for.

     Ours is the beginning of a journey to new heights and experiences that any two people could reach in a lifetime. A person to share things with, trust in and care about is what everyone desires, and we are no exception.

     To look into your eyes, is like exploring something completely unknown, wondering if it is fantasy or reality, feeling totally complete just to be near you.

     To look into your eyes, I feel completely hypnotized, compelled and willing to do whatever you desire, hoping you will always be there when I need that "Special Someone"... Whenever... intimacy between two people who want nothing else, except each other... no matter what . . . .

   --written by special guest blogger, ML
     ...a few decades ago...
   (entered by MayarOwl 6/8/07)


  1. Yes, I remember, too, "So happy together," by the Turtles now these many years ago, when I fell in love before ever having someone in my life. It was true love, anticipating and completely dedicated. - Your words brought back a deeply happy memory, long before meeting anyone. - *smile*

  2. can people really tell the difference?


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