Friday, May 30, 2014

I want you to know...

     (for those who understand me)
        [Inspired by Trip the Darkness+ by Lacuna Coil]
        “…feels like my breath is heavy again…”, “Come to me… I am waiting…”

…secrets, ones I’ve never told, and can’t.
I want you to know them anyway so you understand, but…
…I just can’t tell them, not without you here,
next to me, hearing me slowly breathe, so you know…

…so you know it’s all real, not just words.
I want you to know secrets never told, ever,
but I can’t tell them, not now, not here.
If only I could, all would be well with me,

but it can’t, not while I live here: +

--RK, 9:15pm, 5/30/2014, “…just in time…”

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First… (click the play button)

…we go down unto depths unfathomable, beyond your ken.
Now what do you do? - You've never been here, when…
while I've been here so very, very long, waiting, watching…
…watching for your passing, wondering whether you'll show.

In hope, utterly still, I watch for you, eager for you to see…
…hoping you'll find what I've always wanted you to know,
from deep within few trod toward, inside themselves,
never to know the deepest freedom knowable, insensate…

…seared of conscience, blind, harder than blind,
in terrible unknowing, unseeing, not seeing that which…
…that which is unseeable even in depths of perception,
perception unsought, in purusha of heaven, reflecting,

heaven yet ever to be known, unfound, never sought,
never seen in midst of glory not our own, from within,
the only 'place' one could ever begin to find,
to find that which deceit knows nothing of…

…or ever will… - *selah*

--RK, 12:57am, 5/27/2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

If I hadn’t...

     (Inspired by One Republic's Counting Stars+)

“Every thing that downs me makes me wanna’ fly…”
If I’d not found stars all I’d have is sky.
Yes, I am that old, not doin’ what I’m told.
“Lately I’ve been… losin’ sleep…, dreamin’…”

If I hadn’t, I’d still be flingin’ myself,
bouncing off infinity’s edge to its other,
my egg tooth wearing down to its last point,
the one that broke space/time’s shell beyond,

beyond the beyond, unto my age-old precipice,
long expected, long known, not clueless within,
unto the deep, so longed for, known inside all,
all my life, that deep calling unto my deep.

Finally my long answer brought forth all things,
all things beyond this dark world, unto light,
light unending I’d never’ve seen if I hadn’t,
if I hadn’t gone within, knowing, knowing,

…there was no‘where’ else for me to go,
but I was headed home for the first time… - *selah*

--RK, 9:25pm, 5/15/2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Dark for Light

     (Inspired by Hang Massive - Urkult 2013+)

Playing with light in the dark, they play on…
Music's entrainment numbing high notes lost of heaven.

So very sad… - *hanging head*

--RK, 11:15pm, 5/14/2014

Friday, May 9, 2014


     [Inspired by Bring Me The Horizon’s video Sleepwalking+
          shared on Google+]

Wide awake, sleepwalkin’, I’m watchin’ you,
isolated in fatal emotional surmise, certain…
of nothing, but sure in rancor at trail’s end,
knowing nothing of it, dead, screaming…

You missed Chariot’s low swing in your din,
others signed on trailing along, only wandering…
I'm sleepwalkin’, wide awake, and watchin’ you,
alone in stumbled surmise of emotion, still “certain”…

I know because I was there… - *selah*+

--RK, 8:02pm, 5/9/2014