Thursday, May 15, 2014

If I hadn’t...

     (Inspired by One Republic's Counting Stars+)

“Every thing that downs me makes me wanna’ fly…”
If I’d not found stars all I’d have is sky.
Yes, I am that old, not doin’ what I’m told.
“Lately I’ve been… losin’ sleep…, dreamin’…”

If I hadn’t, I’d still be flingin’ myself,
bouncing off infinity’s edge to its other,
my egg tooth wearing down to its last point,
the one that broke space/time’s shell beyond,

beyond the beyond, unto my age-old precipice,
long expected, long known, not clueless within,
unto the deep, so longed for, known inside all,
all my life, that deep calling unto my deep.

Finally my long answer brought forth all things,
all things beyond this dark world, unto light,
light unending I’d never’ve seen if I hadn’t,
if I hadn’t gone within, knowing, knowing,

…there was no‘where’ else for me to go,
but I was headed home for the first time… - *selah*

--RK, 9:25pm, 5/15/2014

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