Friday, May 30, 2014

I want you to know...

     (for those who understand me)
        [Inspired by Trip the Darkness+ by Lacuna Coil]
        “…feels like my breath is heavy again…”, “Come to me… I am waiting…”

…secrets, ones I’ve never told, and can’t.
I want you to know them anyway so you understand, but…
…I just can’t tell them, not without you here,
next to me, hearing me slowly breathe, so you know…

…so you know it’s all real, not just words.
I want you to know secrets never told, ever,
but I can’t tell them, not now, not here.
If only I could, all would be well with me,

but it can’t, not while I live here: +

--RK, 9:15pm, 5/30/2014, “…just in time…”

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