Saturday, May 30, 2015

Behold…, a Pale Horse

     Peeling back the layers of the real Matrix: George Orwell’s “1984,” reloaded.

--RK, 10:26pmEDST, 5/30/2015 - [High quality audio length: 2h52m26s]
     [Disclaimer: This is a work authored by William Cooper,
      presented for your information/revelation.]+ - •selah•

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Get deep, or go down…

     “Nature, nurture, heaven and home…, helpless by the river.”
       [Dedicated to Snezana.]

It was 1970, seventeen, I’d climbed the mountains of the sun,
soon to leap beyond its ramparts, far beyond this place.
This place not my home, never was. - Sent I was, here,
to watch and aid seekers who flounder in unknowing.

And there was the river I could not cross alone,
with no one who could help, or even knew of it.
Many forces came against me, easily vanquished.
Not one step of mine was hindered, not within.

The humbling river I’d sought all my life
ran before me. - I knew waiting, but time
took me sooner to its banks, then beyond.
I knew nothing the other side could be,

no, nothing there could be carried back,
but words few in no language found here.+
It was okay, for I knew I’d soon be returned.
Dearest Snezana only tenderly reminded me,

reminded me of glory promised, soon now to be.
“Nature, nurture, heaven and home,” this is not
my home. - Thank you dearest Snezana, for you
have gently reminded me so, that I was not alone.

It wasn’t the river Styx and there was no boatman, but
you’ve tread depths you knew not of, in strength. - •selah•+

--RK, 9:29pmEDST, 5/27/2015
     “…and together we’ll cross the river.”+

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Seven of Nine

     So…, now what are you going to do? - There’s no exit.

You know of Seven of Nine. - I am Twelve of Thirteen,
embedded, beyond Nine of Seven, in no uncertainty, within.
I’m all about nine, not seven or thirteen minus one.
*deep, soft breath* - Step back one or two…, there.

Sit down, it’s okay, but you’ll have to wait.
Things are being prepared…, so sit still
for a moment or two, at least nine…, in time.
I’m inbetween. - You cannot find me here/there,

not this time, unprepared as you are, lost.
But if you focus…, you’ll find only nines.
Why? - I don’t know, not within time’s limits.
But timeless, I can explain it all…, in nines.

Enigmatic, cryptic, esoteric, buried…, I found it,
yes, what had been deeply hidden, in false vault.
But what they hid was a blind doorway, unopened,
an enigma they knew not how to open, in perplexity.

That was the door I’d been looking for all along.

It was easy, because it had my name on it forever and,
if I hadn’t been so keenly focused, I’d never’ve known.
But it was my time, my opportunity, deeply enscribed,
something I could never’ve missed…, not from within.

So, what’s your story? - Have you sought it from within?
Will you seek to find it there, there unknown to you,
unknown to you, proscribed in propaganda of flesh,
yes, this world who would never have you to know?

I understand, but we both know nothing is obstacle,
not to us who have received the love for the truth,
and nothing less. - And from deep within, we will,
yes, we will find all things of deep treasure, brilliant

and ineffable treasure this world will never know.
Ahh, what deep, great treasure of spirit, unknown…, I found.
Its door opened at my knocking, untouched, set aside long ago and,
in this, I’ve opened a window for you to see, unknown, what I found.

--RK, 1:11amEDST, 5/23/2015
     This, I will not allow you to ignore.+

Friday, May 22, 2015

You’re a target

     Lyrics to End of the Book (w/video link), by Michael W. Smith+

On the day you were saved+
heaven and hell marked ya’ down.
Angels praised, devils raged.
Life became a battleground.

So when hell starts to move
and the enemy marches on you,
hang on…, it’s a fight.
You’ve been marked by the army of night,

you’re a target.

When your heart loved the dark
hell could just leave you alone.
With your life filled with light,
you have become quite a foe.

So when hell starts to move
and the enemy marches on you,
hang on…, it’s a fight.
It’s a battle of darkness & light.

When things get bad and you can’t stand to look.
It’s time to read to the end of the book.
Don’t put it down ’til you get to the end,
When [Yeshua returns] and His kingdom begins.

’Til He [returns], God the Son
teaches us to use the Sword.
And every fight has a light,
when you know we win the war.

So when hell starts to move,
and the enemy marches on you,
hang on…, it’s a fight.
You’re a part of the army of light.

When things get bad and you can’t stand to look.
It’s time to read to the end of the book.
Don’t put it down ’til you get to the end,
when [Yeshua returns] and His kingdom begins.

When things get bad and you can’t stand to look.
It’s time to read to the end of the book.
Don’t put it down ’til you get to the end,
When [Yeshua returns] and His kingdom begins, kingdom begins.

End of the book…, end of the book…, end of the book…, end of the book.+

--RK, 6:56am, 5/22/2015
     This song is a celebration.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Intervention of time

     Counter culture - Point-consciousness Meditation II

No, it has nothing to do with society, and that’s the point.
(I assume you’ve read my Pranayama+ posting and my
first posting about Point-consciousness Meditation.+)
I spoke of moving beyond space/time, but there’s more.

As you deepen your focus on smaller and smaller segments
of time, your vibrational level will also ramp up, necessarily.
And, in this case, I mean to incredibly high frequencies,
high enough to see light travel languidly before you.

I had already achieved originating Point-consciousness
Meditation+ by age seventeen after which I reveled
in completely altering my perception of space/time,
especially time. - When you are successful, everything,

everything changes for you, within. - So the “counter
culture” of this is counting frequencies and you are
the culture of one, inside you, changing your view,
not your world view, your entire view, from within.

It’s not a lonely place, although everyone has such times.
But everyone has the opportunity to change from inside.
There’s nothing and no one who can stop you, but
I had friends who helped me to a large extent+, outside

of my alone time spent in deep meditation, far beyond.
You need to intervene time in your life, from inside.
If you don’t, you have no idea what your missing,
because all things beyond this world await you,

there within, where all treasures of any real meaning are.
Gather experience, focus, concentrate, alert as never before.
It’s just you ramping up vibrational frequencies, one
plateau at a time, climbing Jacob’s Ladder…+, rung by rung.

There is no “reward” in the world for not going within.
It is the only destination for he who must know himself.
“To thine own self be true,” but you can’t unless you
know who you are deep within, far beyond ego & body.

There’s no one to stop you…, except you… - •Word up!•
Also, take the journey The Moody Blues’ first six albums provide.+

--RK, 1:29pmEDST, 5/19/2015
     [Important: If you haven’t yet, check out each + link above.]+

Monday, May 18, 2015

Close my eyes…

     It was 1969…, the same year, and…
     I am so sorry you missed the '60s. - •deep sigh•
     What would you do…, if I turned out the lights?+

I have to close my eyes when I hear it again,
because I missed Woodstock…, without regret.
Inside I missed nothing at all by any means,
I assure you. - I have been there and done that.

Few I knew then could understand, I knew,
because they just didn’t know, couldn’t know.
But I had friends who made opportunities for me,
opportunities that otherwise’ve never been…,

…then, then when I needed deepest freedom,
the kind that helped me move faster, faster
than light, so I could watch it move languid,
flowing domelight to four-doors' backseat,

where I sat on memories many, precious,
collected by those same friends, blessed,
so blessed to have been there, content,
safe, enabled in complete freedom of…,

yes, freedom of consciousness, wide open,
exploring things at all levels of awareness,
such that nothing stood in my way, but,
but for my friends who consciensiously,

made sure they were there to enable me.
And for that I am so grateful, even now,
especially now, in my sweet reminisce
of many wonderful times with them,

…then. - Many thanks to them. - *bows*
Yes, I am from the 60s' depths, gladly, so gladly.
Now, listen to Joe Cocker (RIP), as we knew him.
Because as he said, “Everybody knows the way.”

“What would you do if I sang out of tune…?”+

--RK, 9:56pmEDST, 5/18/2015
     …for my friends Mike & Rick
      If only you knew just how completely free it felt,
      at great depth, far beyond simple psychedelia…
      Nothing like friends, true ones, when you really need them.
      The first three guitar notes say it all for me… - •selah•
      I had all the love I needed, friends close, helping, sharing.+

Saturday, May 16, 2015

You need a new soundboard.

     This changes everything…+

--RK, 11:27pmEDST, 5/16/2015; New Image/Sound File: 5/27/2017

Dance, what does it mean?

     “…more than emotion…” - I seek meaning in all things.

I watched her jubilantly, playfully, dancing down the sidewalk
as she etched herself into my subconscious, but now, but now,
now I realize what she was saying, “Join me, celebrate!”
Headsetted, she danced sidewalks far beyond attention.

Just wait ’till next time I see her skipping in her delight,
softly down sidewalk just a mile from my quiet dreaming.
On knees before her, I’ll ask if I can join her down,
down sidewalk in rhythm, celebration, elation and joy.

“Yet my trust is such…, yet my trust is such… (that I know),
something in our love’s more than emotion…, than emotion.”
I can do it, I want her to know I heard her call,
her call to celebration of joy found, immutable.

I can’t let her dance the sidewalk alone, not now,
even though she freely does when no one else will.
She’s young, obviously free, freedom found,
somehow…, somehow she won’t hide, not now.

I want what she’s found, the celebration, the joy,
the exuberance, her freedom of expression no one,
no one even thinks of squelching, rather who have…,
have only wonderment of her celebration of finding,

somehow, love in this world of hate, diversion and loss.+

--RK, 9:15pmEDST, 5/16/2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

Those you don’t know…

     “Can you feel it comin’ in the air tonight?
       …I’ve been waitin’ for this moment…, for all my life.”
- Phil Collins

I know those you don’t know, not of this world.
Been here so long, I didn’t realize you didn’t.
I don’t mind, no way to introduce you now.
Acquaintances from way before your time, lost...,

…lost in time’s long mist & man’s black lies.
But I remember, the deep would not let me forget.
Everything profound to me, though not you.
And I always wonder, but I see why not.

Your deep regret will fall hard upon you,
like Niagra, unrelenting, driving you down,
because it’s always, always been there inside,
inside you, no one else…, no excuses now.

How long shall I bewail your heart, your…,
your mind never listening, blocking my words,
words carefully crafted, for you, alone there,
inside you, where you’ve never explored, but…,

…but I’ve been there all along, prodding you,
prodding to realize there’s nowhere else to go,
not for the greatest treasure of all, there…,
…within you, where only you can reach,

but you’ve let the world turn you away…,
lost in oblivion, for eventual destruction.
You can’t say I didn’t try, not then, or now,
nor when end finds you, though never again.

And those you never knew, and I, will soar far away,
where there’ll be no remembrance of former things. - *selah*

--RK, 10:00pm, 5/15/2015
     “Well, I was there and I saw what you did.
        I saw it with my own two eyes.
        So you can wipe off that grin.
        I know where you’ve been.
        It’s all been a pack ’a’ lies.”

Break the cycle!

     Yep, that’s right, ya’ gotta’ listen!+ - *nodding*

Don’t let conniving narcissists run your life, not any more…!+

--RK, 1:38am, 5/15/2015

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Not a chance… (for trolls only)

     “Head like a hole…, black as your soul…” - Nine Inch Nails

     “I’ve been waiting for this moment…, for all my life…” - Phil Collins

“Bow down to the one you serve.
You’re goin’ to get what you deserve.”
Yeah…, “Head like a hole…, black as your soul…,”

“Bow down to the one you serve.
You’re goin’ to get what you deserve.”

“Bow down to the one you serve.
You’re goin’ to get what you deserve.”

“Bow down to the one you serve.
You’re goin’ to get what you deserve…”+

--RK, 12:24amEDST, 5/9/2015
     […with respect to Nine Inch Nails & Phil Collins] - bows
        [Added image/link: 5/15/2015]

Thursday, May 7, 2015


     …through the universe, far beyond light speed.
     (This time…, it’s a whole new canvas I paint…)

In deep sensor feeds, I saw you waiting…, for something.
I lowered vacuum-encased atmospheric capsule for you.
Earth below fading, very quickly…, I towed you aboard.

“Sit down. - It’s okay…, you…, you couldn’t remain there,
not with Earth’s catastrophic collapse near, looming large.
I couldn’t leave you behind, not you, not this time.”

You, “This is incredible, but why!? - I…, I don’t understand…”
Me, “I know you ventured toward within, inside you,
a ’place’ most have no clue exists…, even as insects,
in the amber of perception…, caught in time…, lost.

“But not you, never for you, wasn’t in you,
to ignore what you knew you had to pursue.
Then…, then you saw me, what I had to say
and…, you locked your controls inward…, deep.”

You, “Okay, so…, so where are we going now?”
Me, “Deeper into the universe…, and you,
than even I have been, where I’ve already
paved roads to, for all of us, leaping beyond,

beyond even the ramparts of the sun, to see,
to see for the first time…, all that is, was and
what will be, after the universe wears out…,
soon to be rolled up as an old garment…,

and thrown out, never to exist again. - Then…,
then light won’t slow down in the new one,
when we’ll be in garden’s second Eden, in peace.”
So meet me as conquerer, unto your freedom,

your final freedom from all without, our
souls’ final meeting…, freeing consciousness,
the part of you that flows from your spirit,
as we swim upstream…, unto final discovery,

final discovery of all that our deep memories
always so subtlely called us unto, far beyond
this place of captivity, each our own white bird
in a golden cage, asleep…, the door wide open,

open unto eternity itself, past forevers’ end,
where we won’t remember former things,
where they’ll never come to mind…, lost.
Then…, then we’ll have ultimate freedom,

never to see death again, or know it ever was… - •selah•

--RK, 9:48pmEDST, 5/6/2015
     …"The young bird’s eyes, they always glow, and she must fly…"+

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


     Neither have I an avatar.

Deliberate, slowly-paced steps, through emotions’ deep,
leaving no eddies behind, gently moving across my face,
sometimes my countenance shines bright, sometimes,
sometimes tears course down my cheeks, sometimes,

sometimes in joy, sometimes in high elation, sometimes
in molasses of sadness for what I see all around, but
I’m here to witness, to help seekers understand, that
within oneself is the first place to go and remain,

not like the world which cares nothing for within,
nor beyond itself at all. - Wherefore cometh war,
hate, murder, rape or other mad horrors men do?
Not for me to say, for in me is no such death,

not death, but brilliance of life, love for the living,
not the living dead. - I am not their emoticon,
to be bracketed away from who I am within, beyond
who they think the sound of my voice tells them.

So don’t paint me with their brush of groupthink,
thinking you know me in only seconds, you don’t.
If you would take time out to sit down and talk,
you would only learn more about you, not me.

For I lie deep in what, to most, appears as shadow,
but here is brilliance I cannot utter, ineffable,
that these words only blur and distract from.
I am your mirror, not your societal emoticon.

I never joined society, found myself within
first & have remained within since early youth.+
Did you let them make you part of them,
guiding you in their palm of hand, evil led?

I am your mirror, not your societal emoticon. - •selah•

--RK, 2:42pmEDST, 5/6/2015

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Vogue of veil…

     Wake up this time, eyes closed, and open others within.

Under the veil, there’s no way to know+.
But take a peek, lifting blinders for glint.
Focus on the glint, even if only one…,
only one ray of light, because there…,

there is all you need to know, within.
It begins with focus, but before focus
be keen, keen enough to know truth,
nothing less, imagination hogtied,

ego abandoned, because neither passes,
not beyond its threshold, deep of truth.
Listen again, and again, with sharp focus,
in the keening you’ve cultivated, down deep.

Only in depths is truth found, right answers,
true answers, found only in right questions,
easily, there…, in effortless focus…, known.
Veil’s vogue all the world wants…, dead.

Awaken, listen with new senses insensate+,
unknown before opening your eyes, within.
Leave the world behind. - They'll never follow.
It’s okay to be alone there, I promise…, I was.

Belonging, all I needed, the world had none.
All I saw was deception, veil of vogue…,
vogue paramount, serving entertainment,
filling unfillable void…, leaking below,

below acuity, perception missing it all,
sliding beyond reach, reaching for more,
always more, empty, leaking, filling,
deception holding keen focus on you,

never fulfilling, always leaking, empty,
empty to begin with. - And the key…,
in your pocket, the key you’ve always had,
key to all things…, great treasure…, deep,

the same deep within you still won’t explore.
How sad, how discouraging, how tragic,
with all treasures already within you,
the place you needed go nowhere else for,

nowhere else, to find, underneath veil,
vogue engaging you in utter distraction,
from within, the only ‘place’ I knew,
that I absolutely knew, was the only door,

the only door I ever found to knock on,
which opened wide in 1970…, like none other. - *selah* +

--RK, 10:03pmEDST, 5/5/2015

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Jacob’s Ladder

     Not dreaming at all, I began my climb in the fall of 1964.

My footprints are many there, on every rung,
at levels you simply can’t dream of…, all lit up.
But ya’ gotta’ be deeply sensitive to see them,
because they’re subtle, tracks often restepped.

No place you go, deep within, won’t find them.
Not the first one there, but I found few other traces.
Yes, it’s all quite real, as long as you don’t
bring your imagination with you, tracking…,

…tracking mud everywhere. - You won’t see
where you are at all. - Don’t do it next time.
Come barefoot here, no shoes+ allowed,
your imagination banned for cause…,

…and I’m not alone. - *selah*

--RK, 10:33pmEDST, 5/3/2015
     I didn’t have to wrestle one for a blessing.
     All stepped aside as I climbed…, headed high.