Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dance, what does it mean?

     “…more than emotion…” - I seek meaning in all things.

I watched her jubilantly, playfully, dancing down the sidewalk
as she etched herself into my subconscious, but now, but now,
now I realize what she was saying, “Join me, celebrate!”
Headsetted, she danced sidewalks far beyond attention.

Just wait ’till next time I see her skipping in her delight,
softly down sidewalk just a mile from my quiet dreaming.
On knees before her, I’ll ask if I can join her down,
down sidewalk in rhythm, celebration, elation and joy.

“Yet my trust is such…, yet my trust is such… (that I know),
something in our love’s more than emotion…, than emotion.”
I can do it, I want her to know I heard her call,
her call to celebration of joy found, immutable.

I can’t let her dance the sidewalk alone, not now,
even though she freely does when no one else will.
She’s young, obviously free, freedom found,
somehow…, somehow she won’t hide, not now.

I want what she’s found, the celebration, the joy,
the exuberance, her freedom of expression no one,
no one even thinks of squelching, rather who have…,
have only wonderment of her celebration of finding,

somehow, love in this world of hate, diversion and loss.+

--RK, 9:15pmEDST, 5/16/2015

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