Sunday, May 3, 2015

Jacob’s Ladder

     Not dreaming at all, I began my climb in the fall of 1964.

My footprints are many there, on every rung,
at levels you simply can’t dream of…, all lit up.
But ya’ gotta’ be deeply sensitive to see them,
because they’re subtle, tracks often restepped.

No place you go, deep within, won’t find them.
Not the first one there, but I found few other traces.
Yes, it’s all quite real, as long as you don’t
bring your imagination with you, tracking…,

…tracking mud everywhere. - You won’t see
where you are at all. - Don’t do it next time.
Come barefoot here, no shoes+ allowed,
your imagination banned for cause…,

…and I’m not alone. - *selah*

--RK, 10:33pmEDST, 5/3/2015
     I didn’t have to wrestle one for a blessing.
     All stepped aside as I climbed…, headed high.

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