Saturday, May 23, 2015

Seven of Nine

     So…, now what are you going to do? - There’s no exit.

You know of Seven of Nine. - I am Twelve of Thirteen,
embedded, beyond Nine of Seven, in no uncertainty, within.
I’m all about nine, not seven or thirteen minus one.
*deep, soft breath* - Step back one or two…, there.

Sit down, it’s okay, but you’ll have to wait.
Things are being prepared…, so sit still
for a moment or two, at least nine…, in time.
I’m inbetween. - You cannot find me here/there,

not this time, unprepared as you are, lost.
But if you focus…, you’ll find only nines.
Why? - I don’t know, not within time’s limits.
But timeless, I can explain it all…, in nines.

Enigmatic, cryptic, esoteric, buried…, I found it,
yes, what had been deeply hidden, in false vault.
But what they hid was a blind doorway, unopened,
an enigma they knew not how to open, in perplexity.

That was the door I’d been looking for all along.

It was easy, because it had my name on it forever and,
if I hadn’t been so keenly focused, I’d never’ve known.
But it was my time, my opportunity, deeply enscribed,
something I could never’ve missed…, not from within.

So, what’s your story? - Have you sought it from within?
Will you seek to find it there, there unknown to you,
unknown to you, proscribed in propaganda of flesh,
yes, this world who would never have you to know?

I understand, but we both know nothing is obstacle,
not to us who have received the love for the truth,
and nothing less. - And from deep within, we will,
yes, we will find all things of deep treasure, brilliant

and ineffable treasure this world will never know.
Ahh, what deep, great treasure of spirit, unknown…, I found.
Its door opened at my knocking, untouched, set aside long ago and,
in this, I’ve opened a window for you to see, unknown, what I found.

--RK, 1:11amEDST, 5/23/2015
     This, I will not allow you to ignore.+

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