Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Get deep, or go down…

     “Nature, nurture, heaven and home…, helpless by the river.”
       [Dedicated to Snezana.]

It was 1970, seventeen, I’d climbed the mountains of the sun,
soon to leap beyond its ramparts, far beyond this place.
This place not my home, never was. - Sent I was, here,
to watch and aid seekers who flounder in unknowing.

And there was the river I could not cross alone,
with no one who could help, or even knew of it.
Many forces came against me, easily vanquished.
Not one step of mine was hindered, not within.

The humbling river I’d sought all my life
ran before me. - I knew waiting, but time
took me sooner to its banks, then beyond.
I knew nothing the other side could be,

no, nothing there could be carried back,
but words few in no language found here.+
It was okay, for I knew I’d soon be returned.
Dearest Snezana only tenderly reminded me,

reminded me of glory promised, soon now to be.
“Nature, nurture, heaven and home,” this is not
my home. - Thank you dearest Snezana, for you
have gently reminded me so, that I was not alone.

It wasn’t the river Styx and there was no boatman, but
you’ve tread depths you knew not of, in strength. - •selah•+

--RK, 9:29pmEDST, 5/27/2015
     “…and together we’ll cross the river.”+

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