Thursday, May 7, 2015


     …through the universe, far beyond light speed.
     (This time…, it’s a whole new canvas I paint…)

In deep sensor feeds, I saw you waiting…, for something.
I lowered vacuum-encased atmospheric capsule for you.
Earth below fading, very quickly…, I towed you aboard.

“Sit down. - It’s okay…, you…, you couldn’t remain there,
not with Earth’s catastrophic collapse near, looming large.
I couldn’t leave you behind, not you, not this time.”

You, “This is incredible, but why!? - I…, I don’t understand…”
Me, “I know you ventured toward within, inside you,
a ’place’ most have no clue exists…, even as insects,
in the amber of perception…, caught in time…, lost.

“But not you, never for you, wasn’t in you,
to ignore what you knew you had to pursue.
Then…, then you saw me, what I had to say
and…, you locked your controls inward…, deep.”

You, “Okay, so…, so where are we going now?”
Me, “Deeper into the universe…, and you,
than even I have been, where I’ve already
paved roads to, for all of us, leaping beyond,

beyond even the ramparts of the sun, to see,
to see for the first time…, all that is, was and
what will be, after the universe wears out…,
soon to be rolled up as an old garment…,

and thrown out, never to exist again. - Then…,
then light won’t slow down in the new one,
when we’ll be in garden’s second Eden, in peace.”
So meet me as conquerer, unto your freedom,

your final freedom from all without, our
souls’ final meeting…, freeing consciousness,
the part of you that flows from your spirit,
as we swim upstream…, unto final discovery,

final discovery of all that our deep memories
always so subtlely called us unto, far beyond
this place of captivity, each our own white bird
in a golden cage, asleep…, the door wide open,

open unto eternity itself, past forevers’ end,
where we won’t remember former things,
where they’ll never come to mind…, lost.
Then…, then we’ll have ultimate freedom,

never to see death again, or know it ever was… - •selah•

--RK, 9:48pmEDST, 5/6/2015
     …"The young bird’s eyes, they always glow, and she must fly…"+

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