Monday, May 18, 2015

Close my eyes…

     It was 1969…, the same year, and…
     I am so sorry you missed the '60s. - •deep sigh•
     What would you do…, if I turned out the lights?+

I have to close my eyes when I hear it again,
because I missed Woodstock…, without regret.
Inside I missed nothing at all by any means,
I assure you. - I have been there and done that.

Few I knew then could understand, I knew,
because they just didn’t know, couldn’t know.
But I had friends who made opportunities for me,
opportunities that otherwise’ve never been…,

…then, then when I needed deepest freedom,
the kind that helped me move faster, faster
than light, so I could watch it move languid,
flowing domelight to four-doors' backseat,

where I sat on memories many, precious,
collected by those same friends, blessed,
so blessed to have been there, content,
safe, enabled in complete freedom of…,

yes, freedom of consciousness, wide open,
exploring things at all levels of awareness,
such that nothing stood in my way, but,
but for my friends who consciensiously,

made sure they were there to enable me.
And for that I am so grateful, even now,
especially now, in my sweet reminisce
of many wonderful times with them,

…then. - Many thanks to them. - *bows*
Yes, I am from the 60s' depths, gladly, so gladly.
Now, listen to Joe Cocker (RIP), as we knew him.
Because as he said, “Everybody knows the way.”

“What would you do if I sang out of tune…?”+

--RK, 9:56pmEDST, 5/18/2015
     …for my friends Mike & Rick
      If only you knew just how completely free it felt,
      at great depth, far beyond simple psychedelia…
      Nothing like friends, true ones, when you really need them.
      The first three guitar notes say it all for me… - •selah•
      I had all the love I needed, friends close, helping, sharing.+

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