Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Between the lines…, words without meaning just fade away.

     Today’s Eve has to listen to the silence that must be heard.
     I’ve tried so, so long to awaken you, but your slumber is too deep…
        “Silence must be heard…”
     It can tell you more than this ever could…

Yes, between your own lines, the ones you’ve never known,
yes, the ones you never knew existed at all…, there inside you.
Yes, between them, I found all things, all things that would
ever matter to me in my entire life, and always have. - •selah•

Your “silence must be heard,” or all is lost for you, yes,
this I know of my own time there, much spent listening keenly.
Don’t worry, I’ve got your back, for I’ve been here long,
much longer than I’ll ever be able to tell anyone in this world.

It’s okay, it’s my eternal home, where silence must be heard,
where all things can be known, but not beyond its boundary,
not deep within where no one I’ve ever known has ventured.
Yes, silence must be heard, or all will ever be lost to you.

Don’t let yourself be lost in this world’s dark oblivion,
the same black oblivion they’ve cultivated in willing ignorance,
hating truth with envious vengeance all their lost lives when,
when all could have been so vastly different for them.

I’ve tried all my life to awaken them, but their slumber,
their slumber is only unto death, destruction hidden there,
hidden ever so quietly in personal oblivion, the same never known,
when all their hearts could have hoped for… was always within.

--RK, 11:42pmEDST, 9/30/2015
     Open the door within, or ever and always be utterly lost.
     It’s not like it was never there, this I’ve always known.+

Thursday, September 24, 2015

For your edification

     For those who understand… and those who don’t. - •selah•+

--RK, 12:07amEDST, 9/24/2015

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tea time

     I see…, you think we’re different, but it’s the same tea we drink.

Yes…, I see…, you think you’re different. - Okay.
The only thing that made me “different” was that
I knew all truth was only found from within.
Who told you otherwise…, or spoke not of it?

It’s tea time…, sit down with me…, and listen.
As a nascent monk must not speak for a year,
so must you…, not. - There is treasure deep,
only if you understand that it is…, deep.

New I am not…, to all within…, but I made it mine.
Yes, eleven years old, I absolutely knew there
were deeper/higher levels of consciousness within,
and no one could detain me from its discovery.

What I’ve shared here, only the oblivious,
only those who sleep…, could not see,
but you, yes you…, you know what it’s about,
nothing less than within and all its treasure.

Tarry not in this world’s distractions…, for
within awaits you, your name engraved there.
It’s tea time, for we are not so different,
just that others have not sought the depths,

those same depths I know you could never,
never ignore, but knew others knew not of.
Now you know you’re not so different, for
we share the same tea…, while time nears end.

Beware the woman in red, for she will slay you, if you let her.+

--RK, 10:12pmEDST, 9/10/2015
     Change you cannot delay. - Otherwise utter destruction awaits. - •selah•

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

’Been here too long…

     “There must be somethin’ on your mind, somethin’ lost”
        for me to find…, settled in my chair before you now.

How could I be fakin’…, after all this time?
You never saw me. - But I see you now, in stark detail.
Lost and left behind…, do you know what I mean?
Blind in stark blackness you left behind then…,

how did you think I’d never see you…, here, now?
You fooled yourself…, misperceiving all things.
Please wake up, for now is your time…, your time,
yes…, your time to wake up. - Do you see…, now?

“Then she told me she had a gun…”
And she didn’t believe she’d miss me then.+
I’d been driven under far too long…,
…way too long. - I’m on my way now…

I know what’s next, beyond the mushroom clouds.
Join me now…, drop the gun…, step beside me.
It doesn’t matter what’s been before, between,
since then, since you made me your target.

I’m no ones target, never have been,
just one pointing, always pointing the right way,
the right way I found oh so long ago now.
Follow me, but go within first. - For from there…,

from there you’ll find all things…, nothing less,
yes, all things beyond this place in desolation,
mankind in chaos of hate & war, detroying each other
and the very earth beneath their feet…, oblivious.

“[… She never] told me she had a gun…,” one her mother’d used.
I was unseeing before her…, tall, her eyes glazed over.
Found I was fighting demons, her own she’d succumbed to,
in rebellion, rejecting tender sorrows…, also her own.

Oblivion all she could cultivate, sown in deception,
in rebellion, her own, never mine nor ours…, hers.
Sorry to have lost her, lost to her own exalted will,
against all, even the children she loved and cherished.

There was nothing I could do, though I loved her so…,
yes…, I loved her so, loved her so…, loved her so…,
all now so far away and lost behind, nothing gathered,
all lost between us, something she never gave,

though I gave all I had on tender shore of matrimony.
In sorrow now, I regret I never saw her darkness,
the dark gun she could never use against anyone,
only herself, the target her mother always intended…

--RK, 12:15amEDST, 9/8/2015
     [Driven Under by Seether - Puer Reason Band (Post Grunge, Alternative Metal)]+

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Goin’ down now…, goin’ down…

     Yes folks, they nailed it, no doubt, eh? - •nodding•

Don’t miss this one folks, not this one.+

--RK, 11:33pmEDST, 9/2/2015 - Thanks to Zepparella!!!
     [See also my Google+ posting about this here.]

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Where none follow

From within…
     Ya’ had to be there “en psychedelia” to understand.

In darkness asleep…, I dream in light, quietly. - No one knows.
Dreams come and go, some stay and develop into minor epics,
something to figure out…, so I watch every moment…, closely.
Easy now, it wasn’t before…, controlling my dreams,

watching for any presence of nuance, another addressing me,
moments I watch even more keenly…, to catch their eyes.
I know then I’m not alone, another present…, though dormant.
Awake in my sleep…, my notebook’s ready to pen questions.

Questions always reviewed, relived before my eyes open,
I harvest deeper understanding of subconscious life,
life which appears only in dreams…, below awareness.
Betimes I leave my body to travel the etheric…, again,
while it floats behind me…, in quiet…, dreamless rest.

Silence beyond my quiet I find there, ultimate peace,
in caress of serenity, my flying carpet, nothing noticed,
nothing in the universe noticing my passing…,
as I gather respite… and cherish my refreshing.

Join me, catch my eye briefly there, in square root,
square root of quiet, deep silence it can never know.
Can you see it, the brilliance far ahead…, the light,
the light we’ve always sought and awaited…, nearer?

My silent companion, I’ll know if you’re there. - •…shhh…•+

--RK, 9:40pmEDST, 9/1/2015
     Neither Jung nor Freud were in sight…, not there… or then. - •selah•+