Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tea time

     I see…, you think we’re different, but it’s the same tea we drink.

Yes…, I see…, you think you’re different. - Okay.
The only thing that made me “different” was that
I knew all truth was only found from within.
Who told you otherwise…, or spoke not of it?

It’s tea time…, sit down with me…, and listen.
As a nascent monk must not speak for a year,
so must you…, not. - There is treasure deep,
only if you understand that it is…, deep.

New I am not…, to all within…, but I made it mine.
Yes, eleven years old, I absolutely knew there
were deeper/higher levels of consciousness within,
and no one could detain me from its discovery.

What I’ve shared here, only the oblivious,
only those who sleep…, could not see,
but you, yes you…, you know what it’s about,
nothing less than within and all its treasure.

Tarry not in this world’s distractions…, for
within awaits you, your name engraved there.
It’s tea time, for we are not so different,
just that others have not sought the depths,

those same depths I know you could never,
never ignore, but knew others knew not of.
Now you know you’re not so different, for
we share the same tea…, while time nears end.

Beware the woman in red, for she will slay you, if you let her.+

--RK, 10:12pmEDST, 9/10/2015
     Change you cannot delay. - Otherwise utter destruction awaits. - •selah•

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