Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Where none follow

From within…
     Ya’ had to be there “en psychedelia” to understand.

In darkness asleep…, I dream in light, quietly. - No one knows.
Dreams come and go, some stay and develop into minor epics,
something to figure out…, so I watch every moment…, closely.
Easy now, it wasn’t before…, controlling my dreams,

watching for any presence of nuance, another addressing me,
moments I watch even more keenly…, to catch their eyes.
I know then I’m not alone, another present…, though dormant.
Awake in my sleep…, my notebook’s ready to pen questions.

Questions always reviewed, relived before my eyes open,
I harvest deeper understanding of subconscious life,
life which appears only in dreams…, below awareness.
Betimes I leave my body to travel the etheric…, again,
while it floats behind me…, in quiet…, dreamless rest.

Silence beyond my quiet I find there, ultimate peace,
in caress of serenity, my flying carpet, nothing noticed,
nothing in the universe noticing my passing…,
as I gather respite… and cherish my refreshing.

Join me, catch my eye briefly there, in square root,
square root of quiet, deep silence it can never know.
Can you see it, the brilliance far ahead…, the light,
the light we’ve always sought and awaited…, nearer?

My silent companion, I’ll know if you’re there. - •…shhh…•+

--RK, 9:40pmEDST, 9/1/2015
     Neither Jung nor Freud were in sight…, not there… or then. - •selah•+

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