Wednesday, November 20, 2013


     (…call it what you will…)
        “Inspired” by ‘philindigo’ and _ _ _ _ .

I’ve paid mine, much younger than you,
older now with all time’s crawl between.
You want dues paid into your bucket full of holes,
walking the street in guile, ‘begging’ alms, when no one’s home

except you, homeless within and no excuses.
Where’d you go wrong? - Rebellion, hate, envy,
usual for one such as you, lost, terrible agony close.
You even dug ditches, deep, sixing any help’s crossing.

It’s been a long time since your last ditch dug deep,
and oblivion hangs close now, watching, waiting, hungry…
You don’t know dues’ deep degradation and, in angst,
you hold alms in tight, pocketed fists…, for advantage.

Or so you thought, utterly lost…

--RK, 9:30pm, 11/20/2013
     …written next to the din of his noise of nothing…
        [Slight edit: 6/24/2015]

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


     Inspired by Lacuna Coil's To Myself I Turned,
          & A Moment in Time - ST-NG

…I've mastered space & time.
It means so much 'there,' beside myself.
So much treasure, I've found this golden place.
Wish you could be here, close…, touching.

But it can't be, each finds their own,
if they look at all between, between seconds,
those fleeting things allowed to pass unheeded,
rushing unhindered, breath after breath, when…

…when this day could last a thousand years,
a millennium before sundown & new beginnings,
fresh ones yet unseen from within,
within, your 'hardest' goal to reach.

It's right inside, never so far..., near.
One breath can make it stay, motionless,
almost, an hummingbird winging still, very slowly,
drinking at the face of the waterfall's slow languid play.

--RK, 11:20pm, 11/13/2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

Clear again

     Inspired by Lacuna Coil's (Your) Heaven's a Lie

Trauma, recoil, understanding, response and release,
release to move on, clear again, one more time.
A pattern recognized of old, nothing new,
not under this star on this planet,

this dark planet in the dank backwoods
of a galaxy where some want to paddle faster when…
…when they hear a banjo playing on the river.
The river, a place of utter solace there, not here.

Clear again to remember my release there,
release to continue my work helping seekers,
the few seekers I've found here, hungry for truth,
nothing but truth they've never heard before,

again and again, here on this backwater planet,
in the backwoods of an incredible galaxy.
And, as Lacuna Coil plays in the background,
with you fading into dim of dark, I drive even deeper…

…for ever deeper truth unto final clarity of madness unplumbed...

--RK, 10:08pm, 11/11/2013

Friday, November 8, 2013

Astronomy Updates:

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The pen

     Inspired by the movie Sucker Punch

          ...thanks to Zack Snyder...

My fight's almost over,
my pen the weapon,
practiced one stroke at a time,
laying bare the path before me,

prepared by Michael's forces.
Follow me, follow me, as I (a)wait,
(never more ready), for madness,
spoken of old, never lost of souls,

those who sought its release,
from before of old, days uncounted,
uncounted along this treacherous path,
this trek within for nothing less,

for nothing less of absolute truth.
So I live or die by it, this pen,
this pen in hand reaching out,
reaching for their hearts grasping,

in desperation, for nothing less.

--RK, 7:07pm, 11/05/2013

Monday, November 4, 2013

How many voices?

     Inspired by Lacuna Coil's "I Won't Tell You."

You believe you've heard it all,
but how many voices have you heard?
Rushing headlong unto destruction in arrogance,
you kindled bitterness against its fire yourself,

taking your time in deep rebellion, with meaning,
thinking you would prevail, but you're not the potter.
So how many voices did you cast aside, spitting?
I followed your dank trail of darkness,

while watching you always sidestep the light,
and became witness against you unto…,
...unto your day of final separation & destruction,
light (for you), and darkness of you, utterly gone,

which had always been so close,
so very close at hand.

--RK, 11:15pm, 11/4/2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013


     Inspired by Karate Kid (2010) w/Jackie Chan

Many forbade me, but Mom opened the door

silently, watching very closely, always near.
The fight was coming and I had to be ready,
ready for the defense of life, reaching within.

A few black eyes & none could take me.
I wrestled them to full Nelson without warning,
allowing them no breath, taking my time,
so they’d know I was just passing through+...

...on to deeper levels for THE... fight of my life.
In the etheric it’s a different Kung Fu.
And in this forbidden place I was established.

None would, or could, approach of the unsought,
the halt, blind & lame of flesh & mind.
The quiet early years were my strength,
which she made sure I had for my journey

beyond kill zone & ramparts of the sun...
...unto release...

--RK, 7:37pm, 11/2/2013