Wednesday, November 20, 2013


     (…call it what you will…)
        “Inspired” by ‘philindigo’ and _ _ _ _ .

I’ve paid mine, much younger than you,
older now with all time’s crawl between.
You want dues paid into your bucket full of holes,
walking the street in guile, ‘begging’ alms, when no one’s home

except you, homeless within and no excuses.
Where’d you go wrong? - Rebellion, hate, envy,
usual for one such as you, lost, terrible agony close.
You even dug ditches, deep, sixing any help’s crossing.

It’s been a long time since your last ditch dug deep,
and oblivion hangs close now, watching, waiting, hungry…
You don’t know dues’ deep degradation and, in angst,
you hold alms in tight, pocketed fists…, for advantage.

Or so you thought, utterly lost…

--RK, 9:30pm, 11/20/2013
     …written next to the din of his noise of nothing…
        [Slight edit: 6/24/2015]

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