Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The pen

     Inspired by the movie Sucker Punch

          ...thanks to Zack Snyder...

My fight's almost over,
my pen the weapon,
practiced one stroke at a time,
laying bare the path before me,

prepared by Michael's forces.
Follow me, follow me, as I (a)wait,
(never more ready), for madness,
spoken of old, never lost of souls,

those who sought its release,
from before of old, days uncounted,
uncounted along this treacherous path,
this trek within for nothing less,

for nothing less of absolute truth.
So I live or die by it, this pen,
this pen in hand reaching out,
reaching for their hearts grasping,

in desperation, for nothing less.

--RK, 7:07pm, 11/05/2013

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