Friday, June 27, 2008

Love's Reflection, Love's Light

Love's Reflection

Looking into these eyes
gazing back so lovingly,
seeing all that I am,
all that I can be,

staring at the reflection
of love's light remembered
so effortless I recall,
the light that always was.

It's the love that I am,
the love that you are.
It's the love that is,
was, has and always will be.

      --by Rinda
--7/7, 12/14/06; 4/27, 5/08/08
         (entered by MayarOwl)
   Love's Light

When love is set free,
the light of the soul is revealed
in all its wonder,
in all its glory.

When the light of the soul,
the light of love is released,
the heavens rejoice
for another has come home.

Poet Rinda