Friday, August 31, 2007

Stranger in a Strange Land*

Be not disquieted, dearest one,
for we'll share beyond time/space
spent growing in love unto
hearts having waited long, hoping

with joyous faith, knowing
He had another waiting, growing
in patience, adding virtue
in purest hearts of love, . . .

kneeling before Him by full harvest moon
glowing on waves and quartz,
Men-o-War watching while we coalesce
unto oneness hitherto unknown,

while waves softly beach, so gently
as to further our quiet mingle,
spirit to spirit, soul to soul, face to face
in greatest relief of love ever known.

After a time, I gather the beach towel that waited
and wrap it around you again, walking
through sand back into strangeness . . .
carrying with us love given, so precious.


*Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert A. Heinlein+

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rock Hudson

"Feel the rain on your skin . . .
 Release your inhibitions"+:
Rebellion's clarion call.

I'm the martian in the Chronicles+,
only I won't fall into [your] heap at the end.
I never was who or what you thought;

and 'if' I wasn't then you've never been.
I tried, many times, to reach you wouldn't have it.
I can only walk away, shaking my head, so sad.

Mixing feel-good and "freedom," denying
truth, not seeking heaven,
utterly self-indulgent, you feel the rain,

. . . the final rain+, & souls falling unto destruction.


Friday, August 3, 2007


         Awareness: That which is part of one's physical and mind/soul existence through the senses.
         Believe in: To lean on, trust in and rely on with your whole being and personality (reserved for our Creator).
         Consciousness: That which emanates from one's spirit self, being and knowing.
         Creator: There is and can only be One (Who is without beginning, end or gender), Who created all that exists, including angel and man a little lower, out of that which was not as yet even nothing, simply by speaking. - Our Creator does not exist; He created existence itself. - Of course, He manifested Himself into His creation later to restore us.
         Dimension: That which is perfectly perpendicular to every other one below, even if perpendicularity must take on entirely new meaning with each successive one being less and less like each previous one; also known as a sub-level; there are only seven per level.
         Etheric: The encompassing and fully-integrated non-energy blanket which also completely suffuses the physical level; the "location" of prana (qi or chi); the transitional interstice between the physical level and the mind/soul level (of consciousness).
         Heaven: The first one is the atmosphere (also known as the firmament+); second one is the Universe (solar system/stars/galaxies); third is Heaven+ itself.
         Imagination: That which can be useful, if true perception comes first, otherwise to be kept inactive and not to be trusted when in search for truth.
         Layer: Each dimension/sub-level has seven, like strata, each successive one much unlike previous ones, each higher/deeper one with new aspects not previously found.
         Level: That which consists of seven dimensions or sub-levels; there are only three under third Heaven.+
         Meditation: The process of learning how to control the mind/soul (i.e., to rein it in) and its emotion/thought (taking its territory), to focus it, to concentrate and then finally learning how also to make it just shut up entirely and listen intently within (for that which this world knows nothing of), all in the essential context of interaction with the breath (not control of, a critical difference), after completely relaxing with a comfortable posture (back straight, head aligned), though remaining perfectly alert, always remembering to discriminate between imagination & true perception (keeping imagination silent and perceptions shelved for later), continuing ever deeper & deeper within, toward being and knowing beyond existence entirely.
         New Age: A false repeat of a previous time period which is full of fantasy and fallacy, which is just how its participants like it. - *selah* - [Strong suggestion: "Don't dare bore them or even think to suggest that what they believe is far worse than simple nonsense."]
         Onion: One way to understand how layers/dimensions/levels are arranged, with each successive layer/dimension/level completely encompassing every one below.
         Perception: (The process of picking up or) that which is picked up by senses, whether physical, emotional or mental, also not to be completely trusted without serious introspection and examination with keen circumspection.
         Physical (body): The seat of lust (of the seven senses) and self-importance which usually blinds most to deeper levels; the first level (of consciousness) where matter and energy interact (in context within seven dimensions).
         Prana: The etheric counterpart of oxygen with many extremely different and higher (esoteric) properties; that which can be mentally directed for "good" or evil (both of which is sorcerous) from the mind/soul level (of consciousness).
         Religion: Man, in abject rebellion against our Creator, doing his own thing, either in arrogant willing ignorance or by holding the truth in unrighteousness for his own self aggrandizement and ego gratification.
         Soul: Mind, to include emotion and thought (in that order), from which springs imagination, which is completely and finely integrated with the physical brain (and its multiple, overlapping, dedicated holosensic lobes); seat of the will & desire with the ego (hopefully) only as an appendix; the second level (of consciousness).
         Truth: That which most would be horrified to hear (considering what they have believed all their life told them by others, not having searched it out for themselves), if they were even to believe it at all, some even dying with myocardial infarction because of it.

More definitions will be added as time allows. - Do check back.